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Title Selected:

Dorothy Stotz

Marshall Byrd

Founding Gardeners

Paul Braunegg

Barbara Vattimo

The Information

Robert Reynolds

Nellie B. Reynolds

1861: The Civil War Awakening

Fred & Helen Horne

Leslie H. Lang

The Repurposed Library

Daisy Jean Neel

John D. Neel

Turn Right at Machu


Ester Small

Elaine Small

Bobby Flay’s Bar

Americain Cookbook

Lois Jane Lang

Leslie & Scott Lang

Palace of Culture

Norman Young

Marilyn Young

The Time of Our Lives

Daniel Martich

Dawna Martich

The Thinking Life

Dr. Jack Ravets

Shirley Ravets

Unpacking My Library: Writers and their Books

Mary Green

Bill Green Shopping


The Wandering Gene and the Indian Princess

Ron Doyle

Margaret Doyle

All There is: Love Stories from Storycorps

Vera & Hiram Howard

Sue Howard

Masters of Mystery

Joseph Kubes

Mary L. Kubes

The Lady in Gold

Kayla Rush

Joanne Rush

One Cool Friend

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Title Selected:

Ellen Hallman

Donald Breneman


Holly Ferkett

Dottie Ingersoll

Petal & Twig

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Title Selected:

Nancy Saracco

Dressmaker of Khair Khana

Chris Harman

Sisters of Fortune

Patricia & William Barefoot

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Jeanne DeArmond

Lives of the Novelists

John and Gertrude Echement

Juliette Gorgon Low

Peg & Jerry Lessman

Tutankhamen: The Search for an

Egyptian King

Robert & Rita Lindner

I Never Knew That About London

John & Sandra Newman

Space Chronicles

Lydia Orosz

Honor in the Dust

Saul Benersky

Eisenhower in War and Peace