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Title Selected:

Fred Horne

Leslie Horne Lang

Engineers: From the Great Pyramids  to the Pioneers of Space Travel

David Young

Marilyn Young

Owls of the World

Vera & Hiram Howard

Sue Howard

Books: A Living History

Theresa Galer

Jo Ann Fosbaugh

A Daughter’s Tale

Roy E. Johnson

Joann K. Johnson

The Admirals : Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy, and King--the Five-Star Admirals    Who Won the War at Sea

Chauncey Stoops

Diana Stoops Crowley

Kentucky Derby Dreams

Beverly Hubbell

The Soles & Gudenburr Families

Ripe: A Cook in the


Stephen W. Graffam

His Family

Prague Winter

Warren Fry

Marilyn Fry

The President’s Club

Esther & Arthur Small

Elaine Small

Showdown at Shepherd’s Bush

Julia Martich

Dawna Martich

The Violinist's Thumb

Louise Hodgson

Robert Hodgson

Vanished  Kingdoms










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Title Selected:

Carolyn Graffam

Karen Hatzimbes

Love, Life, and Elephants: An African Love Story




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Title Selected:

Rob & Lisa Sagwitz

Sweet Cream & Sugar Cones

Linda Schaffer

Cake Love in the Morning

Mr. & Mrs. William Barefoot

At Home on the Range

Barbara Vattimo

Be Your Own Decorator

Margie & Joe Veltri

Martha’s American Food