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Title Selected:

Caroline Breneman

Donald P. Breneman

Christmas at Historic Houses

Robert H. Dressing

Robert J. Dressing


Philip & Edna Hodgman

Gil & Sue Fitzsimmons

Rare: The High-Stakes

Hi & Vera Howard

S. C. Howard

War Dogs

Marshall & Rosella Lang

Leslie & Scott Lang

The Art of Space

N. Wesley Lyle

Ann Q. Lyle


Olga Oglesby

Greg & Karen Zovko

Crucible of Command

Joseph & Marie Nicola

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Nicola


Becky Peterson

Ruth Place

The Creative Shrub Garden

Ernest Vattimo, Sr.

Ernie & Barbara Vattimo


William Voelker

Frances Voelker

The Good Son

Judith W. Weiss


The Gardens of Frank Lloyd Wright

Norman & David Young

Marilyn Young


In Honor Of:

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Title Selected:

Susan G. Wright

Her Mother, 

Carolyn Graffam

Mark Twain’s America

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Title Selected:

Charles Austin


Patricia Barefoot


Edward Barto


Saul Bendersky


Jeanne De Armond


The Echement Family


Sue & Gil Fitzsimmons


Chris Harman

History of the Book

Morgan & Carolyn Hezlep


Walter & Bonnie Kanell


Charles Kashak


Patty Komar

History of the World in 1,000 Objects

Bob & Rita Linder


Jeffrey Madura


Dawna Martich


John & Sandra Newman


Linda Schaffer

The Beatles: Lyrics

Bill & Linda Trimbath