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Jean Bowser

Jackie & Drew Eby

Beethoven: Anguish and


Hi & Vera Howard

S. C. Howard

Liberty’s Torch

Alexander Lucas

Genevieve Ozanick 

John Quincy Adams

Rosalind Natelson

Michael Natelson


Joseph & Marie Nicola

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Nicola

My Two Italies

Laurie Nuhfer

Claudia & Wayne Wicks

Thomas Jefferson: President & Philosopher

Dolores V. Patterson

Ernest & Barbara Vattimo

The Victorian City

Esther Small

Elaine Small

The Woman Who Would Be Queen

Judith W. Weiss

Joseph Weiss

 The Planets

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Ellen Hallman

Donald Breneman

Isabella the Warrior Queen

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John & Jeanne Belcher

Nicholas & Alexandra

Jeannie De Armond

Chasing the Rose

Deac & Joanne Dressing

Underwater Puppies

Mrs. Warren Fry

Gardens are for Living

Bill & Ann Hassan

 Cultivating Garden Style

Mary Hiller

 How We Got To Now

Joel Krieder

Whitman Illuminated: Song of Myself

Linda Kubes

Never Turn Your Back on a Angus Cow

Robert & Rita Linder

The Map Thief

Ann Quinn Lyle

The Tale of Dueling Neurosurgeons

Larry & Norma Mikoleit

The Complete Visual Guide to Building a House

Ernest & Stephanie Williams

 Wilde in America

Marilyn Young

 Homemade Christmas