Friends of Pleasant Hills Public Library Fall Donations 2015




Donor   Bookplate Title
Lynne Bootay & Family In Memory of Robert S. Bootay Jr. Eve of a Hundred Midnights
The Echement Family In Memory of Kristen Echement Louisa: The Extraordinary life of Mrs. Adams
Pam Ferkett & Bob Mulvihill   Baby Birds
The Graffam Family   My Father and Atticus Finch
The Kernisky Family   Breaking the Chains of Gravity
The Knobloch Family   13.8
Steve & Michele Ament   The Literature Book
Charles H. Austin   An Einstein Encyclopedia
Edward Barto   Pristine Seas
Elizabeth Breneman   Collecting Children's Books
Carrie Breneman   The Geography of Genius
Tonya Cann   The Invention of Nature
Clyde & Sandy Chittister   Dinner with Edward
Robert Dressing   The Good Book
Jo Ann Fosbaugh In Memory of Thomas Steigerwald The First Congress
Larry & Janice Foulke   The Cosmic Web
Morgan & Carolyn Hezlep In Memory of Leora B. Coe The Year of Cozy
Sue Howard In Memory of Corrinne Nelan Kehl The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Kathy Hummon   The Universe in Your Hand
Joanne Johnson   Brave Enough
Greg & Rita Johnson   Eruption: The Untold Story of Mt. St. Helens
Walter & Bonnie Kanell   Extreme Ownership
Carol Kregenow In Memory of Dale Kregenow 100 Recipes
Jerry & Peg Lessmann   Becoming Grandma
Rita Lindner   Lost Among the Birds
Bill & Barbara Madison   Superforecasting
Dawna Martich   Mark Bittman's Kitchen Matrix
Michael Natelson In Memory of Rosalind Natelson In Our Own Image
John & Sandra Newman   You May Also Like
Patricia Nicola   The Bee Book
Jeannette & Keith Pancoast   Life Reimagined
Marlene Petro   All the Presidents' Gardens
Ruth Place   Rise of the Rocket Girls
Bernadine Potthoff   Presence
Heidi Snyder In Memory of  Steele M. Kliingensmith Farmhouse Rules
Jack & Sherry Stiver In Memory of  Robert S. Bootay Jr. John Quincy Adams
Robert Tetzlaff In Memory of Chris, Mom & Randy, Donated by Dad Mapping the Heavens
Bill & Karen Trimbath   Worldmaking
Katherine Urban In Memory of Blanche Urban Reclaiming Conversation
Ernest & Barbara Vattimo In Memory of Marilyn Simpson The True Tails of Baker and Taylor
Carol Williams In Memory of Frank Williams An Uncommom History of Common Things
Ernest & Stephanie Williams   The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh
Pam & Earle Wooding In Memory of Marjorie Gorrell The Yellow Table
Wayne & Debra Wright In Memory of Georgeann M. Wright Start Here
Gregory & Karen Zovko   Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock 'n' Roll
  In Memory of Ruth Slade The Genius of Birds
  In Honor of Chauncey Stoops, Donated by His Daughters Tribe