Title Selected:

Roy Brandt

Walt & Cindy Niesling


Eleanor Jean Jeffries Hannon

Diane Moss 

Life From Scratch 

Audrey J. Harmon 

Edward F. Harmon

The Shakespeare Book 

Hi & Vera Howard 

Sue Howard 


Doris & Carl Nelson 

Kristen Nelson 

The Wright Brothers 

Martha S. Rose 

Gretchen Fuller

The World of Shabby Chic 

Kayla N. Rush 

Jo Anne Rush 

125 Cute Animals 

Esther Small 

Elaine Small 


Robert Snyder 

Patricia Snyder 

The Road to Character 

Louis & Cecile Steele 

 Imo Steele

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 

Walter Terihay 

Barbara Terihay 

Time and Navigation 

Nancy M. Valle 

Louis Valle 

 Ciao Biscotti

Judith A. Weiss 

Joseph Weiss 

1920 : the Year That Made the Decade Roar

Ann Zarnic 

Richard & Mary Lou Kossum 

Letters of Note 




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Elizabeth Breneman

Donald Breneman 

Fastest Things on Wings 

Ellen Hallman

Donald Breneman 

The Annotated Peter Pan 

H. Joan Ries 

Christy Carnevale 

The Mother of All Booklists 

Claire Suhoski 

Jill & David Greiner 

Capture the Moment 

Carol Vattimo 

Ernie & Barbara Vattimo 

Nonna's House 

Norma Wright 

Carolyn Graffam 

Infographic Guide to Literature 





Title Selected:

Steve & Michele Ament

Biblio Tech 

John & Jeanne Belcher 

The Engineering Book 

Tom & Lois Bonura 

Epic Tomatoes 

Carrie Breneman 

It's What I Do 

See It, Cook It 

Jim & Phyllis Brubaker 

Asap Science 

Robert Ciardi 

The Man Who Touched His Own Heart 

Jeannie DeArmond 

Roses Without Chemicals 

The Dorn Family 

Stories, Essays & Memoir 

Bill & Ann Hassan 

Galileo's Middle Finger 

Lee Ann Hommel 

New German Cooking 

Walter & Bonnie Kanell


Pamela Kavelman

Encyclopedia of Garden Plants for Every Location

A Girl and Her Greens

Linda Kubes 

Washington's Circle 

Elizabeth Lindeberg 

1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die 

Bob & Rita Lindner 

Biergarten Cookbook 

Ann Quinn Lyle 

Better Than Before 

Joe & Nancy Michael 

American General 

Monica Michna 

Underwater Babies 

Larry Mikoleit 


Noel Moebs 

Pirate Hunters 

Dick & Barbara Nieman 

Who Built That 

Duane & Betsy Spencer 

Global Meatballs 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Stock 

The Marriage Book 

Lana Timmins 

The Blues : a Visual History 

Bill & Karen Trimbath 

A Lucky Life Interrupted 

Katherine Urban 

Teacup Collection 

Lillian Vey

Grow a Living Wall