Memorials  2017
Name added to memorial plaque in the Library: Presented by:
Joanne Chamberlin Sharon Julian-Milas and Family
Marjorie Moebs Holly Ferkett
  Elizabeth D. Herzberg
  Jeanne & George Ratliff Jr.


In Memory of:

Presented by:


Theresa Benzo Mary Gail Lautner  
Paul Blake Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Michael, Alan, Molly, & Gene  
Patricia E. Bootay The Vozar Family  
Patricia B. Cadwell William R. Cadwell  
John Michael Dampf The Milas Family  
Allen Davis Liz Caruthers Game Worn
Charles A. Davis Cheryl Natale  
Louis R. DePretis Frank & Beatrice Chiappetta  
Phyllis Gallatin Mary Gail Lautner  
Martha Lipowcan Monica Stoicovy, Chris Stoicovy Family, Jason Ruscitto Family  
Cecelia Loutsenhizer Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Michael & Family  
Beloved Maddie Ron & Annette Doctorick Goodbye, Friend
    Goodbye Pet & See You In Heaven
Dorothy Potts Sharon Julian-Milas and Family  
Mildred L. Saunders Mary Gail Lautner  
Lorraine "Honey" Tiberio Tom Julian  

Michael Zafris

The Burnett Family

The Pittsburgh Steelers Story

Terry Bradshaw: From Superbowl Champion to Television Personality (Sept 2017)
Mary Ann Zovko Sharon Julian-Milas and Family