Memorials  2018


In Memory of:

Presented by:


Patricia Cadwell William R Cadwell  
Margaret Caldwell Children - Frederick w., Margaret M. and Catherine A.  
Margaret Caldwell Sue Howard  
Margaret Caldwell Robert & Dolores Ries  
Mercedes Cisco Marc Julian & Family  
David DellaMea Pleasant Hills Library Staff  
David DellaMea Holly Ferkett & Pam Ferkett  
Annie L. Duncan Vee Streever  
Dolores Froelich Joan Johnston  
Tom Giegerich Nick & Diane Campano  
Marlene Gorman Vee Streever  
Robert Hartung Kerry Dobransky & Kristi Hannon  
John "Jack" McKee Art & Mary Scanlon  
Albina Novosel The Ruscitto & Stoicvoy Families  
Annetta Hamilton Sampey The Pavlak Family  
William M. Schivley Meredith Schivley  
Rusty Cheryl Walendziewicz  
Lizzy Ernie & Barb Vattimo