New Materials  December 2016
Dr. Aupperle Book Review : Robin Williams when the laughter stops. Aupperle  Dr. J. NF CDB Aupperle
Dr. Aupperle Book Review : Clementine the life of Mrs. Winston Churchill. Aupperle  Dr. J. NF CDB Aupperle
Dr. Aupperle Book Review : Alexander Hamilton founding father by Mark Steinberg. Aupperle  Dr. J. NF CDB Aupperle
The Magnolia story  Gaines  Chip NF CDB Gaines
Radiant Hayley  Elizabeth CDB BookShots Flames
Hot winter nights Gary  Codi CDB BookShots Flames
Come and get us  Patterson  James CDB Patterson
The Christmas mystery  Patterson  James CDB Patterson
The royals  Patterson  James CDB Patterson
Black & blue  Patterson  James CDB Patterson
Taking the Titanic Patterson  James CDB Patterson
Fiction/Large Print
The English son  Brunstetter  Wanda E. Fic Brunstetter
The stubborn father  Brunstetter  Wanda E. Fic Brunstetter
The betrayed fiancée  Brunstetter  Wanda E. Fic Brunstetter
The missing will  Brunstetter  Wanda E. Fic Brunstetter
The divided family  Brunstetter  Wanda E. Fic Brunstetter
The selfless act  Brunstetter  Wanda E. Fic Brunstetter
Tarzan of the apes. Burroughs  Edgar Rice Fic Burroughs
Tom Clancy true faith and allegiance  Greaney  Mark Fic Clancy
The Sleeping Beauty killer : an under suspicion novel  Clark  Mary Higgins Fic Clark LARGE PRINT
To capture what we cannot keep  Colin  Beatrice Fic Colin
History of wolves : a novel  Fridlund  Emily Fic Fridlund
Victoria  Goodwin  Daisy Fic Goodwin LARGE PRINT
The ice beneath her : a novel  Grebe  Camilla Fic Grebe
When all the girls have gone  Krentz  Jayne Ann Fic Krentz LARGE PRINT
The peregrine spy  Murray  Edmund P. Fic Mur
Hot winter nights  Gary  Codi Fic Patterson
Come and get us  Patterson  James Fic Patterson
The royals  Patterson  James Fic Patterson
Black & blue  Patterson  James Fic Patterson
The Christmas mystery  Patterson  James Fic Patterson
Radiant  Hayley  Elizabeth Fic Patterson
Taking the Titanic  Patterson  James Fic Patterson
Hidden: a Mitchum story. Patterson  James. Fic Patterson
The house husband. Patterson  James. Fic Patterson
Island of glass  Roberts  Nora Fic Roberts
Island of glass  Roberts  Nora Fic Roberts LARGE PRINT
The seventh plague  Rollins  James Fic Rollins
Memoirs of a polar bear  Tawada  Yako Fic Tawada
The bonfire of the vanities  Wolfe  Tom. Fic Wolfe
Mystery/Science Fiction Genres
Killing Adonis  Donellan  J. M.  Fic Mys Donellan
Blind sight  O'Connell  Carol Fic Mys O'Connell
Foundation trilogy. Asimov  Isaac Fic SF Asimov
Corsair  Cambias  James L. Fic SF Cambias
Starship tropers/Stranger in a strange land. Heinlein  Robert A.  Fic SF Heinlein
Star trek : the classic episodes. Fic SF Star
Mass Market Paperbacks
Triple threat : thrillers  Patterson  James Fic Pap P
Carolina moon  Roberts  Nora. Fic Pap R
Marked for life  Schepp  Emelie Fic Pap S
A sure thing  Harte  Marie Rom Pap H
Making spirits bright  Rom Pap M
Marry me at Christmas  Mallery  Susan Rom Pap M
Always Dakota  Macomber  Debbie Rom Pap M
A wedding for Christmas  Wilde  Lori Rom Pap W
Harbor lights  Woods  Sherryl Rom Pap W
All dressed in white  Clark  Mary Higgins Mys Pap C
Facebook for seniors : connect with friends and family in 12 easy lessons  Ewin  Carrie 006.7 E95
Success : the psychology of achievement. 158 S94
Everything I need to know I learned from a Star Wars Little Golden Book  Smith  Geof 158.1 S64
Jump : take the leap of faith to achieve your life of abundance  Harvey  Steve 248.4 H34
Bulfinch's mythology. Bulfinch  Thomas 292 B93
Whiplash : how to survive our faster future  ito Joi 303.483 I89
Unmentionable : the Victorian lady's guide to sex, marriage, and manners  Oneill  Therese 305.42 O58
Divorce & Money : How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce  Woodhouse  Violet 346.7301 W88
Every landlord's tax deduction guide. 346.7304 E93
Mrs. Sherlock Holmes : the true story of New York's City's greatest female detective  Ricca  Brad 362.82 R48
Morte d'Arthur. Malory  Thomas 398.22 M25
Other-wordly : words both strange and lovely from around the world. Mak  Yee-Lum 415 M23
English for everyone. English grammar guide. 425 E58
The glass universe : how the ladies of the Harvard Observatory took the measure of the stars  Sobel  Dava 522.197 S67
The undoing project : a friendship that changed our minds  Lewis  Michael  612.8233 L67
Body wise : discovering your body's intelligence for lifelong health and healing. Abrams  Rachel Carlton 613 A16
Eat clean, stay lean : the diet, real foods for real weight loss. Bazilian  Wendy 613.2 B36
The case against sugar  Taubes  Gary 613.283 T22
Yoga for athletes. Cunningham  Ryanne 613.7 C97
Walking for fitness. Barough  Nina 613.7176 B26
Ordinarily well : the case for antidepressants  Kramer  Peter D. 615.78 K89
Cat castles : 20 cardboard habitats you can build yourself  Oliver  Carin 636.8 O48
Food anatomy : the curious parts & pieces of our edible world  Rothman  Julia 641.3 R84
The spice companion : a guide to the world of spices  Sercarz  Lior Lev 641.3383 S48
Quick pickle book : recipes & techniques for making & using brined fruits & vegetables. Parisi  Grace 641.46 P23
Heart of the home : notes from a vineyard kitchen. Branch  Susan 641.5 B81
Mad genius tips : over 90 expert hacks + 100 delicious recipes. Chapple  Justin 641.5 C46
Cook's science : how to unlock flavor in 50 of our favorite ingredients  641.5 C77a
Mug it! : easy & delicious meals for one  McElroy  Pam 641.55 M14
POWERbowls : all you need in one healthy bowl. Turner  Kate 641.563 T94p
Mamushka : a cookbook  Hercules  Olia 641.5947 H53
The complete Cook's country TV show cookbook  641.5973 C73c
Eight flavors : the untold story of American cuisine  Lohman  Sarah 641.5973 L83
Smashed, mashed, boiled, and baked, and fried, too!  Iyer  Raghavan 641.6521 I97
Bread illustrated : a step-by-step guide to achieving bakery-quality results at home  641.815 B82
Betty Crocker sheet pan desserts : delicious treats you can make in a sheet, 13x9 or jelly roll pan. 641.86 B56
Cake decorating. Sullivan  Karen 641.8653 S49c
Steampunk & cosplay : fashion design & illustration. Crossland  Samantha R. 646.478 C95
The LEGO minifigure : values, investments, profits, fun facts, collector tips  Maciorowski  Ed 688.7 M15
Foraged flora : a year of gathering and arranging wild plants and flowers  Roebuck  Louesa 745.92 R71 Keefer
Arm knitting : 30 no-needle projects for you and your home. 746.432 A72 CRAFTS
A touch of farmhouse charm : easy DIY projects to add a warm and rustic feel to any room  Fourez  Liz 747 F77
This can be beautiful : simple DIY projects to style your home and redesign your life. Pratt  Tiffany 747 P91
Bowie. Critchley  Simon 782.4216 C93
The Godfather notebook  Coppola  Francis Ford 791.4372 C78
TV (the book) : two experts pick the greatest American shows of all time  Sepinwall  Alan 791.45 S47
The Pittsburgh stories of Willa Cather  Cather  Willa 813 C36 Pgh
Jane Austen and philosophy. Marinucci  Mimi 823.7 A93m
Pride and prejudice and kitties : a cat lover's romp through Jane Austen's classic. 823.7 P94
Novels, tales, journeys : the complete prose of Alexander Pushkin  Pushkin  Aleksandr  891.733 P98
Black Elk : the life of an American visionary  Jackson  Joe 92 BLACK ELK
The fairy tale girl  Branch  Susan 92 BRANCH Susan
Martha's Vineyard : isle of dreams  Branch  Susan 92 BRANCH Susan
Superficial : more adventures from the Andy Cohen diaries  Cohen  Andy 92 COHEN Andy
The Pope of Physics : Enrico Fermi and the birth of the Atomic Age  Segre  Gino 92 FERMI Enrico
George Lucas : a life  Jones  Brian Jay 92 LUCAS George
The art of Beatrix Potter  Zach  Emily 92 POTTER Beatrix
Rasputin : faith, power, and the twilight of the Romanovs  Smith  Douglas 92 RASPUTIN Grigory
Crown of blood : the deadly inheritance of Lady Jane Grey  Tallis  Nicola 942.05 T14
Civil war love stories : haunting true tales told from both sides of the front lines. Paul  Gill 973.7 P32
Oversize "Q" Non-Fiction
The best American infographics. q 302.23 B56
The stars : the definitive visual guide to the cosmos  Dinwiddie  Robert q 523.8 D58
Gem : the definitive visual guide  q 553.8 G32
Medicine : the definitive illustrated history  Parker  Steve q 610.9 P24
The horse encyclopedia  Hartley Edwards  Elwyn q 636.1 H33h
Inside the magic : the making of fantastic beasts and where to find them  Nathan  Ian q 791.43 N27
Star Wars, rogue one : the ultimate visual guide  Hidalgo  Pablo q 791.4375 H63
Music CDs
Cosmic hallelujah  Chesney  Kenny MUSIC CD POP Chesney
Joanne  Lady Gaga MUSIC CD POP Lady Gaga
XXIVK magic  Mars  Bruno MUSIC CD POP Mars Bruno
Hardwired-- to self-destruct  Metallica MUSIC CD POP Metallica
 ..It's too late to stop now...   Morrison  Van MUSIC CD POP Morrison
Blue & lonesome Rolling Stones MUSIC CD POP Rolling Sto
Peace trail  Young  Neil MUSIC CD POP Young Neil
Hairspray live! : original soundtrack of the NBC television event  Shaiman  Marc MUSIC CD SOUNDTK Hairsp
The Hamilton mixtape Miranda  Lin-Manuel MUSIC CD SOUNDTK Hami
Ben-Hur  DVD Ben-Hur
Bridget Jones's Baby  DVD Bridget Jones's Baby
Florence Foster Jenkins DVD Florence Foster Jenkins
Game of thrones. The complete sixth season DVD Game of Thrones s.6
Jason Bourne  DVD Jason Bourne
Magnificent seven DVD Magnificent Seven
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children DVD Miss Peregrine's Home
Morgan  DVD Morgan
Shallows  DVD Shallows
Southside with you DVD Southside With You
Suicide Squad  DVD Suicide Squad
Sully  DVD Sully
In search of  : with Leonard Nimoy. NF DVD In Search Of
My Congo  NF DVD My Congo