New Children's Items   April 2017
Title Author Call #
Toddler (Board Books)
Going to see Grandpere  Pendergrass  Daphne Juv Tot Dan
An alphabet  Jeffers  Oliver Juv Tot Jef
Little stuck. Jeffers  Oliver Juv Tot Jef
Leo can swim  McQuinn  Anna Juv Tot McQui
Pictrue Books
Charlotte the scientist is squished  Andros  Camille Juv Pict And
Laundry day  Bagley  Jessixa Juv Pict Bag
Places to be  Barnett  Mac Juv Pict Bar
We are the dinosaurs  Berkner  Laurie Juv Pict Ber
Priscilla gorilla  Bottner  Barbara Juv Pict Bot
I am not a chair!  Burach  Ross Juv Pict Bur
I love Mom with the very hungry caterpillar  Carle  Eric tiny Juv Pict Car
Dad and the dinosaur  Choldenko  Gennifer Juv Pict Cho
Hooray for birds!  Cousins  Lucy Juv Pict Cou
Tiger family trip  Friedman  Becky Juv Pict Dan (pap)
The legend of rock paper scissors  Daywalt  Drew Juv Pict Day
Night night, Groot  Deneen  Brendan Juv Pict Den
Pout-pout fish far, far from home. Diesen  Deborah Juv Pict Die
Disney Parks presents pirates of the Caribbean. Juv Pict Dis
The enchantment  Geron  Eric Juv Pict Dis (pap)
The catawampus cat  Eaton  Jason Carter Juv Pict Eat
Olivia the spy  Falconer  Ian Juv Pict Fal
Ready, set, build!  Fleming  Meg Juv Pict Fle
Short stories for little monsters  Gay  Marie-Louise Juv Pict Gay
Tidy  Gravett  Emily Juv Pict Gra
Be quiet!  Higgins  Ryan T. Juv Pict Hig
Carrot & pea  Hood  Morag Juv Pict Hoo
I just want to say good night  Isadora  Rachel Juv Pict Isa
I am (not) scared  Kang  Anna Juv Pict Kan
Froggy goes to Grandma's  London  Jonathan Juv Pict Lon
Go big or go gnome!  Mayer  Kirsten Juv Pict May
Goodnight, numbers!  McKellar  Danica Juv Pict McKel
Mama's kisses  McMullan  Kate Juv Pict McMul
I promise  McPhail  David Juv Pict McPha
Over and under the pond  Messner  Kate Juv Pict Mes
Bird, balloon, Bear  Na  Il Sung Juv Pict Na
Vampirina at the beach  Pace  Anne Marie Juv Pict Pac
We're all wonders  Palacio  R. J. Juv Pict Pal
Eat, sleep, poop  Penfold  Alexandra Juv Pict Pen
Peppa Pig and the backyard circus. Juv Pict Pep
How to raise a mom  Reagan  Jean Juv Pict Rea
Happy dreamer  Reynolds  Peter H.  Juv Pict Rey
Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George goes to a bookstore  Bartynski  Julie M. Juv Pict Rey (pap)
Mighty, mighty construction site  Rinker  Sherri Duskey Juv Pict Rin
Anywhere farm  Root  Phyllis Juv Pict Roo
Away  Sher  Emil Juv Pict She
Round  Sidman  Joyce Juv Pict Sid
Escargot  Slater  Dashka Juv Pict Sla
Rain  Usher  Sam Juv Pict Ush
Dance is for everyone  Zuill  Andrea Juv Pict Zui
Easy Readers
The secret spell book  Rogers  Tom  Juv Easy Dis (pap)
I wish that I had duck feet  LeSieg  Theo. Juv Easy LeS
Mission paw  Juv Easy Mis (pap)
JoJo and the big mess  O'Connor  Jane Juv Easy O'Con
Beginning Chapters
The bad guys in mission unpluckable  Blabey  Aaron Juv BC Bla
Dark shadows : yes, another misadventure  Cronin  Doreen Juv BC Cro
Counting sheep : Calpurnia Tate, girl vet  Kelly  Jacqueline Juv BC Kel
Juvenile Fiction (Middle Readers)
Noodleheads see the future  Arnold  Tedd Juv Fic Arn GRAPHIC
The girl who drank the moon  Barnhill  Kelly Regan Juv Fic Bar
Miss Ellicott's School for the Magically Minded  Blackwood  Sage Juv Fic Bla
Bad news  Bosch  Pseudonymous Juv Fic Bos
The goat  Fleming  Anne Juv Fic Fle
Olga and the smelly thing from nowhere  Gravel  Elise Juv Fic Gra
The amazing Crafty Cat  Harper  Charise Mericle Juv Fic Har GRAPHIC
Nyx the mysterious  Holub  Joan Juv Fic Hol
Amina's voice  Khan  Hena Juv Fic Kha
Payback  Korman  Gordon Juv Fic Kor
Mob school survivor  Mann  Greyson Juv Fic Man
Dragonwatch  Mull  Brandon Juv Fic Mul
At the bottom of the world  Nye  Bill Juv Fic Nye
I funny. School of laughs  Patterson  James Juv Fic Pat
Jake the fake keeps it real  Robinson  Craig Juv Fic Rob
My life as a ninja  Tashjian  Janet Juv Fic Tas
Horizon  Westerfeld  Scott Juv Fic Wes
Children's Non-Fiction
Women in computer science  Gagne  Tammy Juv 004.092 G13
How to code : a step-by-step guide to computer coding  Wainewright  Max Juv 005.1 W14
100 things to know before you grow up. Gerry  Lisa Juv 305.23 G37
You wouldn't want to live without math!  Rooney  Anne Juv 510 R77
Turn to learn multiplication  Juv 513.2 T94
Science stunts : fun feats of physics  Brown  Jordan Juv 530.078 B87
What makes fire burn?  LaPlante  Walter Juv 541.361 L31
You wouldn't want to live without fire!  Woolf  Alex Juv 541.361 W91
Your guide to the periodic table  Arbuthnott  Gill Juv 546.8 A66
My awesome summer, by P. Mantis  Meisel  Paul Juv 595.727 M51
Where do babies come from? : our first talk about birth  Roberts  Jillian Juv 612.6 R64
Sex is a funny word  Silverberg  Cory Juv 613.9 S58
3-D engineering : design and build your own prototypes with 25 projects  May  Vicki V. Juv 620.0042 M46
You wouldn't want to live without glass! Graham  Ian Juv 666.1 G73
The amazing book of LEGO Star Wars  Fentiman  David Juv 688.7 F34
Origami dinosaurs : easy & fun paper-folding projects  George  Anna Juv 736.982 G34
How to create animation in 10 easy lessons  Bishop-Stephens  Will Juv 741.5 B62h
Face painting  Harvey  Karen Juv 745.5 H34
Project kid : 100 ingenious crafts for family fun  Kingloff  Amanda Juv 745.5 K54
Project kid : crafts that go! : 60 imaginative projects that fly, sail, race, and dive  Kingloff  Amanda Juv 745.5 K54p
Kalos region handbook : stats and facts on over 450 Pokemon! Juv 793.932 K14
The unofficial Pokemon GO field guide  Juv 793.932 U58
My first book of football  Bugler  Beth Juv 796.332 B93
Total lacrosse  Bowker  Paul Juv 796.347 B78
My first book of baseball  Bugler  Beth Juv 796.357 B93
The cities book  Carswell  Heather Juv 910.91 C32
You wouldn't want to be a crusader! : a war you'd rather not fight  Macdonald  Fiona Juv 940.18 M13
The Navajo code talkers  Lewis  J. Patrick Juv 940.54 L67
United Kingdom  Wiseman  Blaine Juv 941 W81
Germany  Corbett  Sean Juv 943 C78
South Korea  Yasuda  Anita Juv 951.95 Y29
Vietnam  Yasuda  Anita Juv 959.7 Y29
Indonesia  Wiseman  Blaine Juv 959.8 W81
Philippines  Goldsworthy  Steve Juv 959.9 G62
Cuba  Gregory  Joy Juv 972.91 G82
Colombia  Wiseman  Blaine Juv 986.1 W81
Anne of Green Gables, a new beginning  Juv DVD Anne of Green 
Anne of Green Gables  Juv DVD Anne of Green
Anne of Green Gables, the sequel  Juv DVD Anne of Green
Dino Dan, Trek's adventures. Dino go seek Juv DVD Dino Dan
Kate & Mim-Mim : the mimiloo zoo. Juv DVD Kate & Mim
Musical Mimiloo Juv DVD Kate & Mim
Kate & Mim-Mim. A Christmas wish Juv DVD Kate & Mim
The land before time Juv DVD Land Before 
Ocean waves Juv DVD Ocean Waves
Peppa Pig. Around the world Juv DVD Peppa Pig
Saving Santa Juv DVD Saving Santa
SciGirls. Season 3  Juv DVD SciGirls s.3
Tangled, before ever after Juv DVD Tangled Before
Wild Kratts. Panda-monium  Juv DVD Wild Kratts
Ice age. Continental drift  Juv DVD/BLU-RAY Ice 
Children's Music CDs
Storytime singalong. Arrow  Emily Juv MUSIC CD Emily
Drew's famous kid's patriotic favorites. Juv MUSIC CD Kids