New Children's Materials  April 2018
Toddler Books (Board Books) 
Around the world in 80 days : a transportation primer   Jennifer Adams Juv Tot Ada
Llamaphones   Janik Coat Juv Tot Coa
Count with little fish : count from 1 to 10!   Lucy Cousins Juv Tot Cou
Thumper's fluffy tail   Laura. Driscoll Juv Tot Dis
Bath! Bath! Bath!   Douglas Florian Juv Tot Flo
Foods with moods : a first book of feelings   Saxton Freymann Juv Tot Fre
Will you be my sunshine.  Julia Lobo Juv Tot Lob
Are you my cuddle bunny?   Sandra Magsamen Juv Tot Mag
Mama, is it summer yet?  Nikki McClure Juv Tot McClu
Backyard bugs   Jill  McDonald Juv Tot McDon
Little blue truck's springtime : a lift-the-flap book   Alice Schertle Juv Tot Sch
Picture Books
Back to the future  Juv Pict Bac
Lots more animals should definitely not wear clothing   Judi Barrett Juv Pict Bar
The Berenstain Bears' baby Easter bunny   Jan Berenstain Juv Pict Ber (pap)
Hello lighthouse   Sophie Blackall Juv Pict Bla
I'm a duck   Eve Bunting Juv Pict Bun
Truck full of ducks   Ross Burach Juv Pict Bur
The three Lucys   Hayan Charara Juv Pict Cha
A dog with nice ears : featuring Charlie and Lola   Lauren Child Juv Pict Chi
There was an old mermaid who swallowed a shark!   Lucille Colandro Juv Pict Col
There was an old pirate who swallowed a map!  Lucille Colandro Juv Pict Col
Daniel Tiger's day and night   Alexandra Cassel Juv Pict Dan (pap)
The emperor's new clothes   Susanna. Davidson Juv Pict Dav
Firefighter Pete   James Dean Juv Pict Dea (pap)
Big Anthony and the magic ring;"Strega Nona's magic ring   Tomie DePaola Juv Pict DePao
In a small kingdom   Tomie DePaola Juv Pict DePao
A dino named Arlo   A boy named Spot  Juv Pict Dis (pap)
Pop star Minnie.  Bill Scollon Juv Pict Dis (pap)
The new liBEARian   Alison Donald Juv Pict Don
A Lion Is A Lion.  Polly Dunbar Juv Pict Dun
Misunderstood Shark : starring Shark!   Ame Dyckman Juv Pict Dyc
Mary had a little lab   Sue Fliess Juv Pict Fli
When spring comes   Kevin Henkes Juv Pict Hen
W is for welcome : a celebration of America's diversity   Brad Herzog Juv Pict Her ABC 123
Can somebody please scratch my back?   Jory John Juv Pict Joh
Izzy Gizmo   Pip (Children's story writer) Jones Juv Pict Jon
I walk with Vanessa : a story about a simple act of kindness   author Kerascoët Juv Pict Ker
Heal the Earth.  Julian Lennon Juv Pict Len
Lala salama : a Tanzanian lullaby   Patricia. MacLachlan Juv Pict MacLac
Alma and how she got her name   Juana Martinez-Neal Juv Pict Mar
Where will I live?   Rosemary A. McCarney Juv Pict McCar
Prickly hedgehogs!   Jane McGuinness Juv Pict McGui
My name is Bilal   Asma Mobin-Uddin Juv Pict Mob
Sheep 101   Richard T. Morris Juv Pict Mor
The breaking news   Sarah Lynne Reul Juv Pict Reu
Dude!   Aaron Reynolds Juv Pict Rey
Don't blink!   Amy Krouse Rosenthal Juv Pict Ros
Dragons love tacos   Adam Rubin Juv Pict Rub
Big Choo   Stephen Shaskan Juv Pict Sha
Ladybug Girl and the rescue dogs   David Soman Juv Pict Som
Honey   David Ezra Stein Juv Pict Ste
All the animals where I live   Philip Christian Stead Juv Pict Ste
Nobody's duck   Mary Sullivan Juv Pict Sul
Batman. Fright club   John Sazaklis Juv Pict Sup (pap)
Mommy's khimar   Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow Juv Pict Tho
Part-time mermaid : girl by day. mermaid by night.  Deborah Underwood Juv Pict Und
Hello hello   Brendan Wenzel Juv Pict Wen
I got it!   David Wiesner Juv Pict Wie
The night before Mother's Day   Natasha. Wing Juv Pict Win (pap)
Over at the construction site.  Bill Wise Juv Pict Wis
I love Dad : with the very hungry caterpillar   Eric Carle tiny Juv Pict Car
My dad is a clown = Mi papá es un payaso   Jose Carlos Andreas Juv LANG Pict And Spa
How are you? : Como estas?  Angela Dominguez Juv LANG Pict Dom Spa
Easy Readers
Purim   Carmen. Bredeson Juv Easy 296.436 B83
New Year's Day   David F. Marx Juv Easy 394.261 M39
St. Patrick's Day   Mari C. Schuh Juv Easy 394.262 S38
Baby animals moving   Suzi Eszterhas Juv Easy 591.57 E82
Stink bugs   Mari C. Schuh Juv Easy 595.7 S38
Ambulances   Lois Fortuna Juv Easy 629.222 F74
Fly Guy and the alienzz   Tedd Arnold Juv Easy Arn
Biscuit and the big parade!   Alyssa Satin Capucilli Juv Easy Cap
Curious George colors eggs   Kate O'Sullivan Juv Easy Cur (pap)
Marigold fairy makes a friend   Elizabeth Dennis Juv Easy Den
I want to be a doctor   Laura Driscoll Juv Easy Dri
I want to be a police officer   Laura Driscoll Juv Easy Dri
Spring is here, Hello Kitty!   Kimberly Weinberger Juv Easy Hel (pap)
Dance, dance, dance!   Ethan Long Juv Easy Lon
Eloise's Mother's Day surprise   Lisa McClatchy Juv Easy McCla
Fancy Nancy : bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles!   Jane O'Connor Juv Easy O'Con
Making the band   Maria S. Barbo Juv Easy Pok (pap)
The tooth book   Theo. LeSieg Juv Easy Seu
Hop on Pop   Dr. Seuss Juv Easy Seu
Nate the Great and the wandering word   Marjorie Weinman Sharmat Juv Easy Sha
Marvel Captain America: Civil war. Escape from Black Panther   R. R. Busse Juv Easy Sup (pap)
Beginning Chapter 
The bad guys in alien vs. bad guys   Aaron Blabey Juv BC Bla
The pod and the bog   Asia Citro Juv BC Cit
Cinderella. The great mouse mistake   Ellie. O'Ryan Juv BC Dis
Cinderella : the lost tiara   Kitty. Richards Juv BC Dis
Stink : Hamlet and cheese   Megan McDonald Juv BC McDon
Not-So-Lucky Lefty   Megan McDonald Juv BC McDon
Adventure on Treasure Island. Juv BC Pok
Juvenile Fiction (Middle Readers)
Rebound   Kwame Alexander Juv Fic Ale
The tale of Angelino Brown   David Almond Juv Fic Alm
Peter & Ernesto : a tale of two sloths   Graham Annable Juv Fic Ann GRAPHIC
Sparks!   Ian Boothby Juv Fic Boo GRAPHIC
The wild robot escapes   Peter Brown Juv Fic Bro
Mega robo bros   Neill Cameron Juv Fic Cam GRAPHIC
Aru Shah and the end of time   Roshani Chokshi Juv Fic Cho
Peanut butter and jelly   Ben Clanton Juv Fic Cla GRAPHIC
Wed wabbit   Lissa Evans Juv Fic Eva
Refugee   Alan Gratz Juv Fic Gra
Curveball   Derek Jeter Juv Fic Jet
You go first   Erin Entrada Kelly Juv Fic Kel
Emily Windsnap and the falls of Forgotten Island   Liz Kessler Juv Fic Kes
Code word courage.  Kirby Larson Juv Fic Lar
Some assembly required   Brian (Brian Michael) Lynch Juv Fic Lyn
Time jumpers   Brandon Mull Juv Fic Mul
Big Nate. Selections;"Big Nate. Silent but deadly   Lincoln Peirce Juv Fic Pei GRAPHIC
Big Foot and Little Foot   Ellen Potter Juv Fic Pot
Ghost boys   Jewell Parker Rhodes Juv Fic Rho
Love, Penelope   Joanne Rocklin Juv Fic Roc
Peanuts. Selections;"Snoopy. Cowabunga! : a Peanuts collection   Charles M. (Charles Monroe) Schulz Juv Fic Sch GRAPHIC
Frank Einstein and the space-time zipper   Jon Scieszka Juv Fic Sci
Novels. Selections.;"Alexis and the perfect recipe   Katie, batter up!   Mia's baker's dozen   Coco Simon Juv Fic Sim
Novels. Selections;"Emma all stirred up!   Alexis cool as a cupcake   Katie and the cupcake war   Coco Simon Juv Fic Sim
Unicorn of many hats : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure   Dana Simpson Juv Fic Sim GRAPHIC
Sonic the Hedgehog archives. Juv Fic Son GRAPHIC
Please do not feed the weirdo   R. L. Stine Juv Fic Sti
Amore va in scena a Topford! English;"Drama at Mouseford   Thea Stilton Juv Fic Sti
Cilla Lee-Jenkins : this book is a classic   Susan Tan Juv Fic Tan
My life as a Youtuber   Janet Tashjian Juv Fic Tas
Lulu is getting a sister : (who wants her? who needs her?)   Judith Viorst Juv Fic Vio
Race to the rumble   Tracey West Juv Fic Wes
Lights, music, code!   Jo Whittemore Juv Fic Whi
Children's Non-Fiction
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur   Dana Meachen Rau Juv 296.431 R23
Chinese New Year   Alice K. Flanagan Juv 394.261 F58
Hey there, stink bug!   Leslie Bulion Juv 595.7 B93
1,000 facts about insects   Nancy Honovich Juv 595.7 H77
Termites   Ann. Squire Juv 595.736 S77
Sharks : nature's perfect hunter   Joe Flood Juv 597.3 F63 GRAPHIC
Itch! : everything you didn't want to know about what makes you scratch   Anita Sanchez Juv 612.79 S21
The boo-boos that changed the world : a true story about an accidental invention (really!)   Barry Wittenstein Juv 617.1 W82
Onward and pupward! : a PAW patrol guide to everything that flies! Juv 629.1325 O59
Robots and drones : past, present, and future   Mairghread Scott Juv 629.892 S42 GRAP
Build it! make supercool models with your favorite LEGO parts : Farm animals.  Jennifer Kemmeter Juv 688.7 K31f
Aboriginal art & culture   Jane Bingham Juv 700.89 B61
Islamic art & culture   Nicola. Barber Juv 709.17 B23
Black Panther : the ultimate guide   Stephen Wiacek Juv 741.5973 W63
Snowboarding for fun!   Beth. Gruber Juv 796.939 G88
Canoeing   Laura Purdie. Salas Juv 797.122 S16
Poems. Selections;"In the past   David Elliott Juv 811 E46p
Just joking : sports.  Joe Funk Juv 818 F98
You should meet Roberta Gibb.  Laurie Calkhoven Juv 92 GIBB Roberta
No truth without Ruth : the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg   Kathleen Krull Juv 92 GINSBURG Rut
Mae among the stars   Roda Ahmed Juv 92 JEMISON Mae
Becoming Madeleine : a biography of the author of A wrinkle in time by her granddaughters   Charlotte Jones Voiklis Juv 92 L'ENGLE Made
Who was Abraham Lincoln?   Janet B. Pascal Juv 92 LINCOLN Abrah
When Paul met Artie : the story of Simon & Garfunkel   Greg Neri Juv 92 SIMON and GARF
50 things you should know about the Vietnam war   Chris McNab Juv 959.704 M16
Everglades National Park.  Maddie Spalding Juv 975.9 S73
Lake Erie   Anne. Ylvisaker Juv 977.1 Y52
Children's AV
Cinderella: read-along storybook and CD   David (Editor) Watts Juv CD KIT Dis
Sleeping Beauty  : read-along storybook and CD   Meredith. Rusu Juv CD KIT Dis
Peter Pan : read-along storybook and CD   Annie Auerbach Juv CD KIT Dis
Winnie the Pooh read-along storybook and CD. The Easter-egg hunt   Satia. Stevens Juv CD KIT Dis
Itsy bitsy spider. Juv CD KIT Its
Iron Man  : read-along storybook and CD.  Rachel Poloski Juv CD KIT Sup
Now that's what I call Disney Junior music Juv MUSIC CD Disney 
Trolls : the beat goes on. Juv MUSIC CD Trolls