New Children's Items  December 2016
Title Author Call Number
Toddler (Board) Books
What's in my train?  Bleck  Linda Juv Tot Ble
Birthday monsters!  Boynton  Sandra. Juv Tot Boy
Dear zoo animal shapes  Campbell  Rod Juv Tot Cam
Colors!  Carpenter  Tad Juv Tot Car
Peek-a-moo!  Cimarusti  Marie Torres. Juv Tot Cim
I love you this much!  Parent  Nancy Juv Tot Dis
My first colors  Kelman  Marcy Juv Tot Dis
Look at me!  Kelman  Marcy Juv Tot Dis
My first words. Juv Tot Dis
Happy New Year, Spot!  Hill  Eric Juv Tot Hil
Don't get lost, Odysseus!  Holub  Joan. Juv Tot Hol
Vroom, vroom, trucks! Katz  Karen Juv Tot Kat
Five Christmas penguins  Lenton  Steven Juv Tot Len
Happy birthday! Sirett  Dawn Juv Tot Sir
Thomas & friends  Juv Tot Tho
Train. Vago  Mike Juv Tot Vag
Picture Books
Captain Duck  Alborough  Jez. Juv Pict Alb
Penguins love colors  Aspinall  Sarah Juv Pict Asp
88 instruments  Barton  Chris Juv Pict Bar
Princess and the frogs. Bartles  Veronica Juv Pict Bar
Shoe-la-la!  Beaumont  Karen. Juv Pict Bea (pap)
Pig the pug  Blabey  Aaron Juv Pict Bla
The uncorker of ocean bottles  Cuevas  Michelle Juv Pict Cue
Gilbert Goldfish wants a pet  DiPucchio  Kelly. Juv Pict DiPuc (pap)
A palace fit for a princess  Parent  Nancy Juv Pict Dis
Love  Dodd  Emma Juv Pict Dod
A squash and a squeeze  Donaldson  Julia Juv Pict Don
I heart you  Fleming  Meg Juv Pict Fle
NanoBots  Gall  Chris Juv Pict Gal
Peep and Egg : I'm not trick-or-treating  Gehl  Laura Juv Pict Geh
Peep and Egg : I'm not hatching  Gehl  Laura Juv Pict Geh
This first Christmas night  Godwin  Laura Juv Pict God
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : little Golden Book favorites. Juv Pict GOLDEN
Trolls  Man-Kong  Mary Juv Pict GOLDEN
Shark-mad Stanley  Griff. Juv Pict Gri
Cow said meow. Himmelman  John Juv Pict Him
Blue penguin. Horacek  Petr Juv Pict Hor
I will love you anyway  Inkpen  Mick Juv Pict Ink
I hear a pickle : (and smell, see, touch, and taste it, too!)  Isadora  Rachel Juv Pict Isa
Over in the meadow  Langstaff  John Juv Pict Lan (pap)
Believe me, I never felt a pea! : the story of the princess and the pea as told by the princess  Loewen  Nancy Juv Pict Loe
Finding Dory  Mawhinney  Art Juv Pict Look
Zootopia : look and find  Skwish  Emily Juv Pict Look
Paw patrol. Juv Pict Look
Star Wars  Juv Pict Look
Star Wars - Journey to Star Wars : the force awakens. Juv Pict Look
Happy birthday, Hamster  Lord  Cynthia. Juv Pict Lor (pap)
Detective Blue  Metzger  Steve. Juv Pict Met
Give please a chance  O'Reilly  Bill Juv Pict O'Rei
Five-minute Peppa stories. Juv Pict Pep
Curious George : dragon dance. Gray  Scott Juv Pict Rey
I wonder : celebrating daddies doin' work  Richards  Doyin Juv Pict Ric
That's me loving you  Rosenthal  Amy Krouse Juv Pict Ros
Yoga bunny  Russo  Brian Juv Pict Rus
Best in snow  Sayre  April Pulley Juv Pict Say
Richard Scarry's Postman Pig and his busy neighbors. Scarry  Richard Juv Pict Sca
Richard Scarry's good night, Little Bear  Scarry  Patricia M. Juv Pict Sca
DC super friends 5-minute stories. Juv Pict Sup
The great railway show   Off to the races!  Juv Pict Tho (pap)
Walking in a winter wonderland Juv Pict Wal
Max's special spring. Juv Pict Wel
Outdoor opposites  Williams  Brenda Juv Pict Wil
The friend ship  Yeh  Kat Juv Pict Yeh
Easy Readers
I can be a pet vet  Man-Kong  Mary Juv Easy Bar (pap)
I can be a horse rider  Man-Kong  Mary. Juv Easy Bar (pap)
My first karate class  Capucilli  Alyssa Satin Juv Easy Cap
Thankfulness is awesomeness  Gallo  Tina Juv Easy Gal (pap)
Gift of Maud Pie. Fox  Jennifer Juv Easy My (pap)
One, two, ah-choo!  Farber  Erica Juv Easy Sca
Pie rats ahoy! Scarry  Richard. Juv Easy Sca
Trapped in the Death Star  Siglain  Michael Juv Easy Sta (pap)
Better call Batman!  Bright  J. E. Juv Easy Sup (pap)
Reds against blues!  Juv Easy Tho (pap)
Beginning Chapter Books
Attack of the Legion of Doom!  Krieg  Jim Juv BC Lego
Alyssa the Snow Queen fairy Meadows  Daisy Juv BC Mea
Juvenile Fiction
The land of stories : the Enchantress returns  Colfer  Chris Juv Fic Col
Zootopia : comics collection. Juv Fic Dis GRAPHIC
The neverending story  Ende  Michael Juv Fic End
Ever after high : epic winter: the junior novel. Finn  Perdita Juv Fic Fin
Garfield's : big fat hairy adventure  Juv Fic Gar GRAPHIC
From ghosts to pirates  Hector  Christian Juv Fic Lego GRAPHIC
When the sea turned to silver  Lin  Grace Juv Fic Lin
The ender eye prophecy : an unofficial graphic novel for Minecrafters  Stevens  Cara J. Juv Fic Min GRAPHIC
Wish  O'Connor  Barbara Juv Fic O'Con
Word of mouse  Patterson  James Juv Fic Pat
Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire  Kusaka  Hidenori Juv Fic Pok GRAPHIC
Catching the jigglypuff thief  Polan  Alex Juv Fic Pol
Following meowth's footprints. Polan  Alex Juv Fic Pol
Chasing butterfree. Polan  Alex Juv Fic Pol
Cracking the Magikarp code  Polan  Alex Juv Fic Pol
The courage test  Preller  James Juv Fic Pre
Charlie Brown : here we go again : a Peanuts collection  Schulz  Charles M.  Juv Fic Sch GRAPHIC
Young Scrooge : a very scary Christmas story  Stine  R. L. Juv Fic Sti
DC Super Hero Girls. Hits and myths : an original graphic novel  Fontana  Shea Juv Fic Sup GRAPHIC
Fairy's fire. Thorpe  Kiki Juv Fic Tho
Trolls. #1,  Hugs & friends   Scheidt  Dave Juv Fic Tro GRAPHIC
Children's Non-Fiction
Magic tree house incredible fact book  Osborne  Mary Pope Juv 031 O81
Ripley's believe it or not! : wild and wacky edition 2017. Juv 031.02 R58w
First light, first life : a worldwide creation story  Fleischman  Paul Juv 202.4 F59
So, you want to be a leader? : an awesome guide to becoming a head honcho  Wooster  Patricia Juv 303.34 W91
Transportation in different places  Morganelli  Adrianna Juv 388 M84
Mother Holly  Watts  Bernadette Juv 398.2 W34
First children's dictionary. Juv 423 F52
The book of wildly spectacular sports science. Connolly  Sean. Juv 507.8 C75
Maker lab : 28 super cool projects : build, invent, create, discover  Juv 507.8 M23
Oh, ick! : 114 science experiments guaranteed to gross you out!  Masoff  Joy Juv 507.8 M39
Steam kids : 50+ science, technology, engineering, art, math hands-on projects for kids  Juv 507.8 S89
STEAM kids Christmas Carey  Anne Juv 507.8 S89c
Night sky  Schneider  Howard Juv 520 S35
Space dictionary for kids : the everything guide for kids who love space  Anderson  Amy  Juv 520.3 A54
Space : visual encyclopedia  Juv 520.3 S73v
Find the constellations. Rey  H. A. Juv 523.8 R45
Rocks & minerals : crystals, erosion, geology, fossils : with 19 easy-to-do experiments and 400 exciting pictures. Challoner  Jack Juv 552 C43
Water  Stewart  Melissa Juv 553.7 S85
Dinosaur dictionary for kids : the everything guide for kids who love dinosaurs  Korpella  Bob Juv 567.903 K84
Triceratops and other horned dinosaurs  Clay  Kathryn Juv 567.915 C61
Inside your insides : a guide to the microbes that call you home  Eamer  Claire Juv 579 E12
Animal!  Woodward  John Juv 590.3 W91
Frogs. Delano  Marfe Ferguson Juv 597.8 D33
Penguin  Magloff  Lisa. Juv 598.47 M19
A bird watcher's guide to chickadees  Harasymiw  Mark Juv 598.824 H25
A bird watcher's guide to robins  Rohan  Rebecca Carey Juv 598.842 R73
A bird watcher's guide to blue jays  Ponka  Katherine Juv 598.864 P79
A bird watcher's guide to cardinals  Shea  Therese Juv 598.883 S53
A bird watcher's guide to sparrows  Vail  Grace Juv 598.883 V12
A bird watcher's guide to goldfinches  Saxena  Shalini Juv 598.885 S27
To burp or not to burp : a guide to your body in space  Williams  Dave  Juv 612.0145 W72
The big book of trains. Juv 625.1 B59
Peeking under the hood  Porter  Esther Juv 629.222 P84
Saint Bernards  Clapper  Nikki Bruno Juv 636.73 C58
Bernese mountain dogs  Morey  Allan Juv 636.73 M84
Mastiffs. Morey  Allan Juv 636.73 M84m
Newfoundlands. Morey  Allan Juv 636.73 M84n
Irish wolfhounds. Morey  Allan Juv 636.7535 M84
Cat speak : revealing answers to the strangest cat behaviors  Webster  Maureen Juv 636.8 W38
Animal helpers : raptor centers. Curtis  Jennifer Keats Juv 639.97 C97
The Barbie cookbook : over 40 scrumptious recipes for chefs of all ages! Juv 641.5 B23
The deep dish on pizza!  Juv 641.8248 K92
The scoop on ice cream!  Williams  Bonnie Juv 641.862 W72
The best of sewing machine fun for kids : ready, set, sew! - 37 projects & activities  Milligan  Lynda Juv 646.2 M65
Famous fails! : mighty mistakes , mega mishaps & how a mess can lead to success! Boyer  Crispin Juv 650.1 B79
American girl : ultimate visual guide, a celebration of the American Girl story  Anton  Carrie Juv 688.7221 A63
Vincent's starry night and other stories : a children's history of art  Bird  Michael Juv 709 B61
Animation lab for kids : fun projects for visual storytelling and making art move  Bellmont  Laura Juv 741.5 B44
Learn to draw Disney classic animated movies  Juv 741.5 L43c
How to draw Lego characters. Juv 743 H84
Hello Kitty pipe cleaners activity book. Stacy  Lori Juv 745.5 S77
Get into knitting  Dyer  Janice Juv 746.432 D99
Ultimate Pokemon Go handbook  Gifford  Clive Juv 793.932 G45
Minecraft : medieval fortress : exploded builds  Jelley  Craig Juv 793.932 J48
Pokémon visual companion  Whitehill  Simcha Juv 793.932 W59
Minecraft. Mining and farming  Zeiger  James Juv 793.932 Z45
Minecraft. Enchanting and potion brewing  Zeiger  James Juv 793.932 Z45m
The wonderful worlds of a video game designer  Owen  Ruth Juv 794.8 O97
Scholastic year in sports. Juv 796 B92
Golden Girls of Rio. Smith  Nikkolas Juv 796.48 S65
My first book of hockey  Bechtel  Mark Juv 796.962 B39
Shakespeare retold  Nesbit  E.  Juv 822.33 N45
Alexander Graham Bell  Kramer  Barbara Juv 92 BELL Alexander
Presenting Buffalo Bill : the man who invented the Wild West  Fleming  Candace Juv 92 BUFFALO BILL
Who was Charlie Chaplin?  Demuth  Patricia Juv 92 CHAPLIN C
Swimming with sharks : the daring discoveries of Eugenie Clark. Lang  Heather Juv 92 CLARK Eugenie
Life in motion : an unlikely ballerina  Copeland  Misty Juv 92 COPELAND M
Daring Amelia  Lowell  Barbara Juv 92 EARHART A
Thomas Edison  Kramer  Barbara Juv 92 EDISON T
Who was Jacqueline Kennedy?  Bader  Bonnie Juv 92 KENNEDY J
All heart : my dedication and determination to become one of soccer's best  Lloyd  Carli Juv 92 LLOYD Carli
Nelson Mandela  Kramer  Barbara Juv 92 MANDELA N
Fascinating : the life of Leonard Nimoy  Michelson  Richard Juv 92 NIMOY L
Sally Ride : a photobiography of America's pioneering woman in space  O'Shaughnessy  Tam E. Juv 92 RIDE Sally
Ladies of liberty : the women who shaped our nation  Roberts  Cokie Juv 920 R64
The book of heroes : tales of history's most daring dudes  Boyer  Crispin Juv 920.02 B79
Dive! : World War II stories of sailors & submarines in the Pacific  Hopkinson  Deborah Juv 940.54 H79
Secrets of our nation's capital : weird and wonderful facts about Washington, DC. Lee  Susan Schader Juv 975.3 L48
What was the Great Chicago Fire?  Pascal  Janet B. Juv 977.31 P27
What was the San Francisco Earthquake?  Hoobler  Dorothy Juv 979.4 H77
Children's DVDs
Elena of Avalor. Ready to rule.  Juv DVD Elena of A
The great Gilly Hopkins Juv DVD Great Gilly 
It's a very merry muppet Christmas movie Juv DVD It's a Very 
Pete's dragon (2016 version) Juv DVD Pete's Dragon
The Sarah plain & tall collection  Juv DVD Sarah Plain 
Secret life of pets Juv DVD Secret Life 
Storks  Juv DVD Storks