New Children's Items   February 2017
Title Author Location
Toddler (Board) Books
The itsy bitsy duckling  Burton  Jeffrey Juv Tot Bur
Baby's big busy book. Katz  Karen Juv Tot Kat
Picture Books
I love my grandma  Andreae  Giles Juv Pict And
The Berenstain Bears spring storybook collection  Berenstain  Stan Juv Pict Ber
North, south, east, west  Brown  Margaret Wise Juv Pict Bro
The storm whale in winter  Davies  Benji Juv Pict Dav
Pete the cat : five little ducks  Dean  James Juv Pict Dea
The amazing book of Disney princess  Rose  Eleanor Juv Pict Dis
How to trap a leprechaun  Fliess  Sue Juv Pict Fli
This & that  Fox  Mem Juv Pict Fox
Hello, Mr. Dodo!  Frith  Nicholas John Juv Pict Fri
Running an errand. Kim  In-Sook (Author for Big & Small (Firm)) Juv Pict Kim
Bunnybear  Loney  Andrea J. Juv Pict Lon
Princess tales around the world : once upon a time in rhyme with seek-and-find pictures  Maccarone  Grace Juv Pict Mac
Mr. Fuzzbuster knows he's the favorite  McAnulty  Stacy Juv Pict McAnu
ABC pasta : an entertaining alphabet  Medina  Juana Juv Pict Med ABC 123
Fancy Nancy and the missing Easter bunny  O'Connor  Jane Juv Pict O'Con (pap)
A family is a family is a family  O'Leary  Sara Juv Pict O'Lea
Olivia dances for joy  Shaw  Natalie. Juv Pict Oli (pap)
Ready, set ... baby!  Rusch  Elizabeth Juv Pict Rus
What's your favorite favorite?  Shea  Bob Juv Pict She
Bunny's book club  Silvestro  Annie Juv Pict Sil
Bee : a peek-through picture book  Teckentrup  Britta Juv Pict Tec
Dormouse dreams  Wilson  Karma Juv Pict Wil
Never too little to love  Willis  Jeanne. Juv Pict Wil
Easy Readers
Super Fly Guy  Arnold  Tedd. Juv Easy Arn (pap)
Daniel learns to share  Friedman  Becky Juv Easy Dan
Little angel  Coco  Paul Juv Easy Hel (pap)
Hello Kitty's superterrific sleepover!  McVeigh  Mark Juv Easy Hel (pap)
Fancy Nancy and the mean girl  O'Connor  Jane. Juv Easy O'Con (pap)
Saving animal babies  Shields  Amy Juv Easy Sav (pap)
Beginning Chapters
Cam Jansen and the snowy day mystery  Adler  David A. Juv BC Adl
Heidi Heckelbeck tries out for the team  Coven  Wanda Juv BC Cov
The Abominable Snowman doesn't roast marshmallows  Dadey  Debbie. Juv BC Dad
Snake attack!  West  Tracey Juv BC Lego
Jay : ninja of lightning  Farshtey  Greg. Juv BC Lego
Secrets of an Overworld Survivor : Lost in the Jungle. Mann  Greyson Juv BC Man
The case of Hermie the missing hamster  Preller  James. Juv BC Pre
The case of the stinky science project  Preller  James. Juv BC Pre
The invisible island  Roy  Ron Juv BC Roy
All that glitters  Scott  Lisa Ann Juv BC Sco
The snow day from the black lagoon  Thaler  Mike Juv BC Tha
The school carnival from the Black Lagoon  Thaler  Mike Juv BC Tha
The class election from the Black Lagoon  Thaler  Mike Juv BC Tha
Juvenile Fiction (Middle Readers)
Gabriela  Harris  Teresa E. Juv Fic Ame
Foals in the field  Baglio  Ben M. Juv Fic Ani
Ponies at the point  Baglio  Ben M. Juv Fic Ani
The crooked sixpence  Bell  Jennifer Juv Fic Bel
The name of this book is secret  Bosch  Pseudonymous author. Juv Fic Bos
The Icarus show  Christie  Sally Juv Fic Chr
Monsters Inc. : a junior novelization  Thorpe  Kiki. Juv Fic Dis
Lily's pesky plant  Larsen  Kirsten author. Juv Fic Dis
Fira and the full moon  Herman  Gail Juv Fic Dis
A masterpiece for Bess  Bergen  Lara Juv Fic Dis
Dulcie's taste of magic  Herman  Gail Juv Fic Dis
Oh boy, Mallory  Friedman  Laurie B. Juv Fic Fri
In the trenches  Hansen  Justin LaRocca Juv Fic Han GRAPHIC
Into the shadows  Hunter  Erin Juv Fic Hun
Me and Marvin Gardens  King  A. S. (Amy Sarig) Juv Fic Kin
The LEGO Batman movie : junior novel  Lane  Jeanette Juv Fic Lego
A long walk to water  Park  Linda Sue. Juv Fic Par
Pokemon : Hoopa and the clash of ages. Kamimura  Gin Juv Fic Pok GRAPHIC
Short  Sloan  Holly Goldberg Juv Fic Slo
Hocus focus  Sturm  James Juv Fic Stu GRAPHIC
Journey on a runaway train. Garretson  Dee Juv Mys War
Children's Non-Fiction
Magnets push, magnets pull  Adler  David A. Juv 538 A23
Peeking under your skin  Kenney  Karen Latchana Juv 612 K36
Inside the bones  Halvorson  Karin Juv 612.75 H19
Entertainment drones  Faust  Daniel R. Juv 629.133 F26
Lost in outer space : the incredible journey of Apollo 13  Olson  Tod Juv 629.45 O52
Robots in industry  Spilsbury  Richard Juv 629.8 S75
Hatching chicks in room 6  Arnold  Caroline Juv 636.5 A75
Strange fruit : Billie Holiday and the power of a protest song  Golio  Gary author. Juv 782.4216 G62
The Batman movie : the essential guide  March  Julia Juv 791.4372 M31
Who was Lucille Ball?  Pollack  Pam Juv 92 BALL Lucille
Who was Cesar Chavez?  Rau  Dana Meachen Juv 92 CHAVEZ Cesar
Who was Leonardo da Vinci?  Edwards  Roberta Juv 92 DA VINCI 
Frederick Douglass : the lion who wrote history  Myers  Walter Dean Juv 92 DOUGLASS F
Alexander Hamilton : from orphan to founding father  Kulling  Monica Juv 92 HAMILTON A
Who is Sonia Sotomayor?  Stine  Megan Juv 92 SOTOMAYOR S
100 women who made history : remarkable women who shaped our world  Caldwell  S. A. (Stella A.) Juv 920.72 C14
Stone age  Janulis  Klint Juv 930.12 J35
Where is the Colosseum?  O'Connor  Jim Juv 937 O18
Escaping the Nazis on the Kindertransport  Berne  Emma Carlson Juv 940.5318 B52
Where is the Taj Mahal?  Hoobler  Dorothy Juv 954 H77
The story of America : discover history with American Girl  Kosara  Tori Juv 973 K86
Kid presidents : true tales of childhood from America's presidents  Stabler  David Juv 973.09 S77
Ground zero : how a photograph sent a message of hope  Nardo  Don Juv 974.71 N22
Colonial Williamsburg  Goldish  Meish Juv 975.5 G61
Children's Movies & AV
Barbie. Video game hero Juv DVD Barbie
Blaze and the monster machines. Race into Velocityville Juv DVD Blaze and 
The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about space Juv DVD Cat in the Hat
Curious George. Egg hunting Juv DVD Curious George
Dinosaur train. What's at the center of the earth?  Juv DVD Dinosaur Train
Sesame Street. Singing with the stars 2  Juv DVD Sesame Street
Shimmer and shine. Friendship divine  Juv DVD Shimmer and 
Thomas & friends. Extraordinary engines Juv DVD Thomas & Fri
Trolls  Juv DVD Trolls
Pinocchio  (Disney) Juv DVD/BLU-RAY Pino
Beauty and the Beast : read-along storybook and CD. Juv CD KIT Dis
Best of Raffi Raffi Juv MUSIC CD Raffi