New Children's Items  January 2017
Toddler Books
Colors. Love  Carrie Juv Tot Col
A busy day in the neighborhood : a busy book with flaps to lift, textures to touch, and tons of grr-ific fun! Spinner  Cala Juv Tot Dan
On the farm : touch and feel. Parent  Nancy Juv Tot Dis
Hanukkah  Juv Tot Han
I love you, Spot  Hill  Eric Juv Tot Hil
Valentine's shapes. McGrath  Barbara B Juv Tot McGra
Nighty-night  Patricelli  Leslie Juv Tot Pat
Hair Patricelli  Leslie Juv Tot Pat
Huggy kissy  Patricelli  Leslie Juv Tot Pat
Small pups, big adventures. Juv Tot Paw
Colors  Reiss  John J Juv Tot Rei
B is for bedtime!  Kleinberg  Naomi Juv Tot Ses
Easy Readers
Fly guy presents: castles  Arnold  Tedd Juv Easy Arn (pap)
Race for the stars  Weinberg  Jennifer Juv Easy Bar (pap)
My first ballet class  Capucilli  Alyssa Satin Juv Easy Cap (pap)
Pete the cat and the surprise teacher  Dean  James Juv Easy Dea
Scuffy the tugboat  Depken  Kristen L. Juv Easy Dep (pap)
The best ball  Homberg  Ruth Juv Easy Dis (pap)
Beauty and the Beast  Lagonegro  Melissa Juv Easy Dis (pap)
The right track  Jordan  Apple Juv Easy Dis (pap)
Happy Valentine's day  Bennett  Elizabeth Juv Easy Hel (pap)
Miffy at the library. Testa  Maggie. Juv Easy Mif
Rubble's big wish  Depken  Kristen L. Juv Easy Paw (pap)
PJ Masks save the library!  Pendergrass  Daphne Juv Easy Pen (pap)
Tooth fairy's night  Ransom  Candice F. Juv Easy Ran (pap)
Linus gets glasses  Schulz  Charles M.  Juv Easy Sch (pap)
Dr. Seuss's ABC. Seuss  Dr. Juv Easy Seu
Shark attack!  Wrecks  Billy Juv Easy Sup (pap)
Bug battle!  Mangual  C. Ines Juv Easy Tee (pap)
Thomas and the buzzy bees Juv Easy Tho (pap)
Trolls : Poppy and Branch's big adventure  Miller  Mona Juv Easy Tro (pap)
My kite is stuck! : and other stories  Yoon  Salina Juv Easy Yoo
Picture Books
Good night! Good night!  Berger  Carin Juv Pict Ber
Dear zoo : a pop-up book  Campbell  Rod Juv Pict Cam
No more bows  Cotterill  Samantha Juv Pict Cot
Maisy's moon landing : a Maisy first science book  Cousins  Lucy Juv Pict Cou
Freight train  Crews  Donald Juv Pict Cre
Goodnight, Daniel Tiger  Santomero  Angela C. Juv Pict Dan
5-minute Pete the Cat stories  Dean  James Juv Pict Dea
Cinderella's best creations/Snow White and the three giants  Gosling  Cherie Juv Pict Dis (pap)
Belle's friendship invention/Tiana's friendship fix-up  Koster  Amy Sky Juv Pict Dis (pap)
Beware the Kakamora!  Scollon  Bill Juv Pict Dis (pap)
Elena and Naomi's big adventure  Olivas  Silvia Juv Pict Dis (pap)
Heart 2 heart Ehlert  Lois tiny Juv Pict Ehl
A is for awful : a Grumpy Cat ABC book  Webster  Christy Juv Pict GOLDEN
Nine Marvel super hero tales : featuring stories from Avengers, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy. Juv Pict GOLDEN
I am a Stormtrooper  Nicholas  Christopher Juv Pict GOLDEN
Tangled  Smiley  Ben Juv Pict GOLDEN
Egg  Henkes  Kevin Juv Pict Hen
All for a dime! : a Bear and Mole story  Hillenbrand  Will Juv Pict Hil
A greyhound, a groundhog  Jenkins  Emily Juv Pict Jen
Lucky Lazlo. Light  Steve Juv Pict Lig
Frog and Toad storybook treasury  Lobel  Arnold Juv Pict Lob
One lonely fish  Flintham  Thomas Juv Pict Man ABC 123
Spunky little monkey  Martin  Bill Juv Pict Mar
Our very own dog  McCardie  Amanda Juv Pict McCar
Busy builders, busy week!  Reidy  Jean Juv Pict Rei
XO, Ox : a love story  Rex  Adam Juv Pict Rex
Curious George and the sleepover. Rey  H. A. Juv Pict Rey
Zoo day: my first experience book. Rockwell  Anne Juv Pict Roc
Star wars : a scanimation book  Seder  Rufus Butler. Juv Pict Star
Thomas' color book  Juv Pict Tho (pap)
How do dinosaurs choose their pets?  Yolen  Jane Juv Pict Yol
Beginning Chapters
The beach bandit  Redbank  Tennant Juv BC Bar
The haunted boardwalk  Redbank  Tennant Juv BC Bar
The bad guys  Blabey  Aaron Juv BC Bla
Cinderella takes the stage  Roehl  Tessa Juv BC Dis
Belle's discovery  Roehl  Tessa Juv BC Dis
R2-D2 to the rescue!  Landers  Ace Juv BC Lego
Amy Namey in ace reporter  McDonald  Megan Juv BC McDon
Juvenile Fiction (Middle Readers)
The angry birds movie : the junior novel  Cerasi  Christopher Juv Fic Ang
Angry birds comics  Tobin  Paul Juv Fic Ang GRAPHIC
Bad Kitty takes the test  Bruel  Nick Juv Fic Bru
Anna takes charge  David  Erica Juv Fic Dav
Tinker Bell and the flying monster. Juv Fic Dis GRAPHIC
Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems. Fenton  Joceline Juv Fic Fen GRAPHIC
Flying lessons & other stories  Juv Fic Fly
Secret hero society : fort solitude  Fridolfs  Derek Juv Fic Fri GRAPHIC
Garvey's choice  Grimes  Nikki Juv Fic Gri
Burns rubber  Holm  Jennifer L. Juv Fic Hol GRAPHIC
The unintentional adventures of the Bland Sisters : the Jolly Regina  LaReau  Kara Juv Fic LaRea
Cookie thief Girl Scout mystery. Marsh  Carole Juv Mys Mar
Artemis : wild goddess of the hunt  O'Connor  George Juv Fic O'Con GRAPHIC
Robot revolution  Patterson  James Juv Fic Patterson
Dog Man unleashed  Pilkey  Dav Juv Fic Pil GRAPHIC
Pokemon adventures. Black 2 & White 2  Kusaka  Hidenori Juv Fic Pok GRAPHIC
Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the soccer scheme  Sobol  Donald J. Juv Mys Sob
The wide window  Snicket  Lemony Juv Fic Sni
The warden's daughter  Spinelli  Jerry Juv Fic Spi
Trolls : the junior novelization  Lewman  David Juv Fic Tro
Batgirl at Super Hero High  Yee  Lisa Juv Fic Yee
Children's Non-Fiction
Women who launched the computer age  Calkhoven  Laurie Juv 004.092 C15
Create with code : build your own website. Hatter  Clyde Juv 005.1 H36
Guinness world records 2017. Blockbusters!. Juv 031.02 G96
Half-truths and brazen lies : an honest look at lying  Vermond  Kira Juv 177.3 V52
Jason, the Argonauts, and the Golden Fleece : an interactive mythological adventure  Hoena  B. A Juv 292.08 H69j
Let's clap, jump, sing, & shout  dance, spin, and turn it out! : games, songs, and stories from an African American childhood  McKissack  Pat Juv 305.896 M15
Pride : celebrating diversity & community  Stevenson  Robin Juv 306.76 S84
Who's in charge? Juv 320 W62
Martin's dream day  Kelley  Kitty Juv 323.092 K29
The youngest marcher : the story of Audrey Faye Hendricks, a young civil rights activist  Levinson  Cynthia Juv 323.11 L66
Civil rights movement. Adamson  Heather Juv 323.1196 A22
What is the president's job?  Singer  Allison Juv 352.23 S61
Where do garbage trucks go? : and other questions about ... trash and recycling  Richmond  Benjamin Juv 363.72 R53
10 things you can do to reduce, reuse, and recycle  Weitzman  Elizabeth Juv 363.7282 W43
Science  Grossman  Emily Juv 507 G87
Mars exploration rovers : an interactive space exploration adventure  Kortenkamp  Steve Juv 523.43 K85
Why pi?  Ball  Johnny Juv 530.8 B18
You wouldn't want to live without gravity  Rooney  Anne Juv 531.14 R77
Junk drawer chemistry : 50 awesome experiments that don't cost a thing  Mercer  Bobby Juv 540.78 M55
Germs : fact and fiction, friends and foes. Cline-Ransome  Lesa Juv 579.3 C64
125 cool inventions. Juv 609 O58
Mission to Pluto : the first visit to an ice dwarf and the Kuiper belt  Carson  Mary Kay Juv 629.43 C32
How to talk so little kids will listen : a survival guide to life with children ages 2-7  Faber  Joanna Juv 649.12 F11 P/T
Build it! : make supercool models with your LEGO classic set  Kemmeter  Jennifer Juv 688.7 K31
One proud penny  Siegel  Randy Juv 737.4973 S57
Fairy houses all year : a four-season handbook  Walsh  Liza Gardner Juv 745.5 W22
Rebel heroes  Last  Shari Juv 791.43 L34
The Angry birds movie official guidebook  Cerasi  Christopher Juv 791.4372 C41
Unofficial Minecraft lab for kids : family-friendly projects for exploring and teaching math, science, history, and culture through creative building  Miller  John (John William) Juv 793.932 M64
Poems. Selections;"One last word : wisdom from the Harlem Renaissance  Grimes  Nikki Juv 811 G86
Death on the river of doubt : Theodore Roosevelt's Amazon adventure. Seiple  Samantha Juv 918.1 S46
Muhammad Ali : a champion is born. Barretta  Gene. Juv 92 ALI Muhammad
Misty Copeland  Calkhoven  Laurie Juv 92 COPELAND Misty
I got this : to gold and beyond  Hernandez  Laurie Juv 92 HERNANDEZ Laurie
Mae Jemison  Calkhoven  Laurie Juv 92 JEMISON Mae
Jesse Owens  Calkhoven  Laurie Juv 92 OWENS Jesse
Some writer! : the story of E. B. White  Sweet  Melissa Juv 92 WHITE E. B.
Pathfinders : the journeys of 16 extraordinary Black souls  Bolden  Tonya Juv 920 B68
The book of heroines : tales of history's gutsiest gals  Drimmer  Stephanie Warren Juv 920.72 D77
The mummy makers of Egypt  Bower  Tamara Juv 932 B78
Ancient Egypt  McDonald  Angela Juv 932 M13
Presidents. Barber  James. Juv 973.09 B23
First ladies  Juv 973.09 P29
What's the big deal about first ladies?  Shamir  Ruby Juv 973.09 S52
Mr. President Sullivan  George Juv 973.09 S94
Blast Back! : the American Revolution. Ohlin  Nancy Juv 973.3 O37
Children's DVDs
American tail, Fievel goes west  Juv DVD American
Baby Mozart: music festival  Juv DVD Baby Einstein 
Baby Santa's music box Juv DVD Baby Einstein
Barbie. Princess charm school Juv DVD Barbie
Barney. Best manners  : your invitation to fun  Juv DVD Barney
Barney. Ready, set, play  Juv DVD Barney
Building fun at the zoo  Corlett  Ian James Juv DVD Bob the Builder
Bob the builder. Building sky high!  Juv DVD Bob the Builder
Go Diego go! Safari rescue  Juv DVD Go Diego Go
Go Diego go! Diego saves Christmas!  Juv DVD Go Diego Go
Groovy Joe, ice cream & dinosaur : --and more dino tales  Juv DVD Groovy Joe
LEGO Jurassic world, the Indominus escape Juv DVD LEGO Jurassic
Long way north  Juv DVD Long Way 
Middle school, the worst years of my life Juv DVD Middle School
Nick Jr. favorites. 3  Juv DVD Nick Jr Fav
Odd squad  : the movie. Juv DVD Odd Squad
Pokemon. Destiny Deoxys Juv DVD Pokemon
Super why. Puppy power  Juv DVD Super Why
Surf's up. 2 Juv DVD Surf's Up 2
WordWorld. Let's make music  Juv DVD WordWorld
Other AV
Disney television classics Juv MUSIC CD Disney
Disney theme park classics Juv MUSIC CD Disney
Disney timeless classics  Juv MUSIC CD Disney
Mother Goose remembers  Beaton  Clare Juv CD KIT Bea
Star wars, the phantom menace : read-along storybook and CD  Schaefer  Elizabeth  Juv CD KIT Star