New Children's Items  July 2017
Title Author Location
Toddler (Board Books)
Monster party! Bach  Annie Juv Tot Bac
Animals hide and sneak. Contraire  Bastien Juv Tot Con
Won't you be my neighbor?  Kalban  Rachel Juv Tot Dan
Train  Demarest  Chris L Juv Tot Dem
Shapes all around. Miller  Sara Juv Tot Dis
Rapunzel. Juv Tot Fir
Cinderella. Juv Tot Fir
Beauty and the beast. Juv Tot Fir
First 100 words. Juv Tot Fir
Find Spot at the museum : a lift-the-flap book  Hill  Eric Juv Tot Hil
Have you seen my lunchbox?  Light  Steve Juv Tot Lig
My first hockey book. Juv Tot My
My first birthday. Juv Tot My
Haiku night  Snyder  Betsy E. Juv Tot Sny
Welcome home, baby!  Tabby  Abigail Juv Tot Tab
Mouse's first fall  Thompson  Lauren Juv Tot Tho
Baby's first book of birds & colors  Tildes  Phyllis Limbacher Juv Tot Til
Picture Books
Monkey brother  Auerbach  Adam Juv Pict Aue
LMNO pea-quel  Baker  Keith Juv Pict Bak ABC 123
Garcia and Colette go exploring  Barnaby  Hannah Rodgers Juv Pict Bar
Monster's new undies  Berger  Samantha Juv Pict Ber
ABC zooborns  Bleiman  Andrew. Juv Pict Ble ABC 123
Around the world in a bathtub : bathing all over the globe  Bradford  Wade Juv Pict Bra
Splat! Burgerman  Jon Juv Pict Bur
Motor Goose : rhymes that go!  Colby  Rebecca Juv Pict Col
Jabari jumps  Cornwall  Gaia. author Juv Pict Cor
Zombelina school days. Crow  Kristyn Juv Pict Cro
Be a star, Wonder Woman!  Dahl  Michael Juv Pict Dah
Daniel chooses to be kind. Kalban  Rachel Juv Pict Dan (pap)
Black Belt Bunny  Davis  Jacky Juv Pict Dav
Littles : and how they grow  DiPucchio  Kelly Juv Pict DiPuc
Super Manny stands up!  DiPucchio  Kelly Juv Pict DiPuc
Roar! : a noisy counting book  Edwards  Pamela Duncan Juv Pict Edw ABC 123
Goodnight lab : a scientific parody  Ferrie  Chris Juv Pict Fer
Lucía the Luchadora  Garza  Cynthia Leonor Juv Pict Gar
Oi dog!;"Dog on a frog?  Gray  Kes Juv Pict Gra
Home in the rain  Graham  Bob Juv Pict Gra
Grandfather clock. Hargreaves  Roger Juv Pict Har
Albert the alphabetical elephant  Hargreaves  Roger Juv Pict Har ABC 123
Count Worm  Hargreaves  Roger Juv Pict Har ABC 123
Angelina Ballerina's storybook treasury  Juv Pict Hol
Little wolf's first howling  Kvasnosky  Laura McGee Juv Pict Kva
7 ate 9 : the untold story  Lazar  Tara Juv Pict Laz
Barbie. Broderick  Kathy Juv Pict Look
Beauty and the beast. Wagner  Veronica author. Juv Pict Look
Someone like me  MacLachlan  Patricia Juv Pict MacLac
I'm smart!  McMullan  Kate Juv Pict McMul
Doris the bookasaurus  Murray  Diana Juv Pict Mur
Blue sky white stars  Naberhaus  Sarvinder Juv Pict Nab
Claymates  Petty  Dev Juv Pict Pet
Niko draws a feeling  Raczka  Bob Juv Pict Rac
Amanda Panda quits kindergarten  Ransom  Candice F. Juv Pict Ran
When we were alone  Robertson  David Juv Pict Rob
Prudence the part-time cow  Shaffer  Jody Jensen Juv Pict Sha
This is a poem that heals fish  Siméon  Jean-Pierre Juv Pict Sim
Can an aardvark bark?  Stewart  Melissa Juv Pict Ste
Poppy follows her nose! Juv Pict Tro
Dance! Hug! Sing!  Chlebowski  Rachel Juv Pict Tro (pap)
Out of Branch's bunker. Juv Pict Tro (pap)
Everything that glitters is guy! Chlebowski  Rachel Juv Pict Tro (pap)
What the dinosaurs did at school  Tuma  Refe Juv Pict Tum
If your monster won't go to bed  Vega  Denise Juv Pict Veg
A new friend for Sparkle  Young  Amy Juv Pict You
The Jelly Bean tree  Yuly  Toni Juv Pict Yul
Easy Readers
Back on track  Amerikaner  Susan Juv Easy Ame (pap)
The lost ship  Juv Easy Awd (pap)
Andy & Sandy and the big talent show  DePaola  Tomie Juv Easy DePao
At the beach  Evans  Shira Juv Easy Eva (pap)
Class pet mess!  Gutman  Dan Juv Easy Gut
Pink around the rink  Kann  Victoria Juv Easy Kan (pap)
Poppy's party  Berrios  Frank Juv Easy Tro (pap)
Drop the beat!  Lewman  David Juv Easy Tro (pap)
Weather. Juv Easy Wea
The good for nothing button!  Harper  Charise Mericle Juv Easy Wil
Beginning Chapter Books
Heidi Heckelbeck : 3 books in 1!  Coven  Wanda Juv BC Cov
Pumpkin : Cinderella's dancing pup  Redbank  Tennant Juv BC Dis
Captain Pug : the dog who sailed the seas  James  Laura Juv BC Jam
Chick-napped!  Keene  Carolyn Juv BC Kee
The unlucky lottery winners of Classroom 13  Lee  Honest Juv BC Lee
Mary the sharing fairy  Meadows  Daisy Juv BC Mea
Mimi the laughter fairy  Meadows  Daisy Juv BC Mea
Esther the kindness fairy  Meadows  Daisy Juv BC Mea
Clare the caring fairy  Meadows  Daisy Juv BC Mea
Poppy and the mane mania. Lewman  David Juv BC Tro
Branch and the cooking catastrophe. Lewman  David Juv BC Tro
Juvenile Fiction (Middle Readers)
A babysitter's guide to monster hunting  Ballarini  Joe Juv Fic Bal
Barbie. #2, Big dreams, best friends  Kuhn  Sarah Juv Fic Bar GRAPHIC
Grace makes it great  Casanova  Mary Juv Fic Cas
The land of stories : worlds collide  Colfer  Chris Juv Fic Col
Sputnik's guide to life on Earth  Cottrell Boyce  Frank Juv Fic Cot
Superstar  Davis  Mandy Juv Fic Dav
Garfield's : big fat hairy adventure  Juv Fic Gar GRAPHIC
Lights, camera, middle school!  Holm  Jennifer L. Juv Fic Hol
The great art caper  Jamieson  Victoria Juv Fic Jam GRAPHIC
Edge of extinction. 02 : Code name flood  Martin  Laura Juv Fic Mar
Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls  McMullen  Beth Juv Fic McMul
Chasing Herobrine : an unofficial graphic novel for Minecrafters  Stevens  Cara J. Juv Fic Min GRAPHIC
Pottymouth and Stoopid  Patterson  James Juv Fic Pat
Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire  Kusaka  Hidenori Juv Fic Pok GRAPHIC
The adventures of John Blake : mystery of the ghost ship  Pullman  Philip Juv Fic Pul GRAPHIC
"The doorman's repose  Raschka  Christopher Juv Fic Ras
World's greatest chocolate-covered pork chops. Sager  Ryan Juv Fic Sag
Guardians of the Whills  Rucka  Greg Juv Fic Star
Operation: secret recipe  Stilton  Geronimo Juv Fic Sti
Shoo, caveflies!  Stilton  Geronimo Juv Fic Sti
The ship of secrets : the tenth adventure in the kingdom of fantasy  Stilton  Geronimo Juv Fic Sti
Summer Olympus : an original graphic novel  Fontana  Shea Juv Fic Sup GRAPHIC
Beyond the bright sea  Wolk  Lauren Juv Fic Wol
The best mistake mystery  McNicoll  Sylvia Juv Mys McNic
Children's Non-Fiction
My first coding book  Prottsman  Kiki Juv 005.13 P96
National Geographic kids almanac. Juv 030 N27
100 things to be when you grow up  Gerry  Lisa Juv 331.702 G37
Bounty hunter  Loh-Hagan  Virginia Juv 363.2 L83
What a waste! : where does garbage go?  Eamer  Claire Juv 363.72 E12
Modern pirates  Yomtov  Nelson Juv 364.164 Y54
Cybercriminals  Mara  Wil Juv 364.168 M29
School rules! : tips, tricks, shortcuts, and secrets to make you a super student  Henke  Emma Mac Juv 371 H51
Computer store  Colby  Jennifer Juv 381.45 C68
Grocery store  Colby  Jennifer Juv 381.456 C68
Post office  Colby  Jennifer Juv 383.42 C68
TV station  Colby  Jennifer Juv 384.55 C68
Deep in the woods : a folk tale  Corr  Christopher Juv 398.2 C82
Unmasking the science of superpowers!  Brown  Jordan Juv 502 B87
Look, I'm a scientist. Juv 507.8 L86
Ultimate space atlas : maps, games, activities and more for hours of galactic fun!  DeCristofano  Carolyn C Juv 520 D29
Space : planets, moons, stars, and more!  Rhatigan  Joe Juv 523.1 R46
Voyager's greatest hits : the epic trek to interstellar space  Siy  Alexandra Juv 523.4 S62
Day and night  Evans  Shira Juv 525.35 E92
Outrunning bullets : Superman and the science of speed  Enz  Tammy Juv 531.112 E61
The magnificent book of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures  Jackson  Tom Juv 567.9 J14
Amazon adventure : how tiny fish are saving the world's largest rainforest  Montgomery  Sy Juv 577.0981 M78
You wouldn't want to live without trees!  Pipe  Jim Juv 582.16 P66
You wouldn't want to live without bees!  Woolf  Alex Juv 595.79 W91
You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Nurses! Macdonald  Fiona Juv 610.73 M13
You wouldn't want to live without boogers!  Woolf  Alex Juv 611 W91
Stopping runaway trains : Superman and the science of strength  Biskup  Agnieszka Juv 612.741 B62
Seeing through walls : Superman and the science of sight  Biskup  Agnieszka Juv 612.84 B62
Antibiotics  Orr  Tamra Juv 615.329 O75
What you need to know about obesity  Dickmann  Nancy Juv 616.398 D55
What you need to know about head lice  Dickmann  Nancy Juv 616.57 D55
Dyslexia  Squire  Ann Juv 616.8553 S77
ADHD  Squire  Ann Juv 616.8589 S77
Lyme disease  Squire  Ann Juv 616.9246 S77
What you need to know about pink eye  Dickmann  Nancy Juv 617.773 D55
Discover nanotechnology  Amstutz  Lisa J. Juv 620.5 A52
Maker projects for kids who love electronics  Kopp  Megan Juv 621.381 K83
Rocket science  Lock  Deborah Juv 621.43 L81
Building vehicles that fly  Enz  Tammy Juv 629.13 E61b
The space race  Ohlin  Nancy Juv 629.4 O37
Exploring space : from Galileo to the Mars Rover and beyond  Jenkins  Martin Juv 629.409 J52
What is gothic art?  Riggs  Kate Juv 709.022 R56
What is romanticism?  Riggs  Kate Juv 709.0342 R56
What is impressionism?  Riggs  Kate Juv 709.0344 R56
What is modernism?  Riggs  Kate Juv 709.04 R56
What is cubism?  Riggs  Kate Juv 709.0403 R56
Maker projects for kids who love graphic design  Bow  James Juv 740 B78
Meet the Peanuts gang! : with fun facts, trivia, comics, and more!  Shaw  Natalie Juv 741.5 S38m
The toilet roll activity book  Farnsworth  Lauren Juv 745.5 F23
Maker projects for kids who love exploring the outdoors  Levete  Sarah Juv 745.5 L66m
Maker projects for kids who love woodworking  Levete  Sarah Juv 745.51 L66
Paper mania  Formaro  Amanda Juv 745.54 F72
Maker projects for kids who love paper engineering  Sjonger  Rebecca Juv 745.54 S62
Making knot projects  Rau  Dana Meachen Juv 746.42 R23
Maker projects for kids who love fashion  Levete  Sarah Juv 746.9 L66
Maker projects for kids who love designing spaces  Kopp  Megan Juv 747 K83
Maker projects for kids who love photography  Spence  Kelly Juv 770 S74
The movie making book : skills & projects to learn & share  Farrell  Dan Juv 777 F24
Maker projects for kids who love animation  Levete  Sarah Juv 777 L66
Maker projects for kids who love music  Sjonger  Rebecca Juv 784.19 S62
Being your best at cheerleading  Yomtov  Nelson Juv 791.6 Y54
The Pittsburgh Steelers story  Morey  Allan Juv 796.332 M84
The Pittsburgh Steelers story  Morey  Allan Juv 796.332 M84
Soccer school  Lock  Deborah Juv 796.334 L81
Pranklopedia : the funniest, grossest, craziest, not-mean pranks on the planet!  Winterbottom  Julie Juv 818 W78
How to live like a Caribbean pirate  Farndon  John Juv 910.45 F23
The quest for Z : the true story of explorer Percy Fawcett and a lost city in the Amazon  Pizzoli  Greg Juv 910.92 P69
Using road maps and GPS  Maurer  Tracy Juv 912 M45
Cleopatra  Kramer  Barbara Juv 92 CLEOPATRA
John Deere, that's who!  Maurer  Tracy Juv 92 DEERE John
Guts & glory : World War II  Thompson  Ben Juv 940.54 T46
Sahara Desert  Franchino  Vicky Juv 966 F81
C is for Canada : celebrating our nation  Ulmer  Michael Juv 971 U43
Boston  Canasi  Brittany Juv 974.4 C21
Philadelphia  Nelson  Deb Tuttle Juv 974.8 N42
Atlanta  Barger  Jeff Juv 975.8 B25
Orlando  Waxler  Melanie Juv 975.9 W35
Dallas  Greenspan  Judy Juv 976.4 G81
Children's DVDs & Music CDs
Beat bugs  Juv DVD Beat Bugs 
Beat bugs  Juv DVD Beat Bugs 
Beat bugs  Juv DVD Beat Bugs
Smurfs, the lost village Juv DVD Smurfs
Spark  Juv DVD Spark
Stork's journey  Juv DVD Stork's J
Camp Songs  Jenkins  Ella Juv MUSIC CD Camp
Cars 3 (songs from) Juv MUSIC CD Cars 3
Cars 3 (soundtrack) Juv MUSIC CD Cars 3 
Children's Langauge Section  (NEW!)
My big barefoot book of French & English words. Fatus  Sophie Juv LANG 448 F25 
My first book of Indonesian words : an ABC rhyming book of Indonesian language and culture  Hibbs  Linda Juv LANG 499.221 H62
Let's cook Spanish : a family cookbook Vamos a cocinar espanol : recetas para toda la familia. Llamas. Gabriela  author. Juv LANG 641.59 L79
Jorge el curioso El puesto de limonada Curious George Lemonade stand. Zappy  Erica Juv LANG Easy Rey 
Soccer star! = Estrella de fotbol!  Lewman  David Juv LANG Pict Spo 
I will love you forever = Te amare por siempre  Church  Caroline Juv LANG Tot Chu