New Children's Items  June 2017
Title Author Call #
Toddler Books (board books)
My first peek-a-boo : animals.  Eric Carle Juv Tot Car
Animals hide and sneak.  Bastien Contraire Juv Tot Con
Best friends. Juv Tot Dis
I'm silly!   Jennifer L. Holm Juv Tot Hol
Have you seen my lunchbox?   Steve Light Juv Tot Lig
Making faces : a first book of emotions  Juv Tot Mak
What is baby gorilla doing?   Christena E Nippert-Eng Juv Tot Nip
I want to be a reader!  Mark Powers Juv Tot Pow
Picture Books
Mr. Mischief   Roger Hargreaves tiny Juv Pict Har
Dr. First.  Adam Hargreaves tiny Juv Pict Har
Dr. Fourth.  Adam Hargreaves tiny Juv Pict Har
Dr. Eleventh.  Adam Hargreaves tiny Juv Pict Har
Dr. Twelfth.  Adam Hargreaves tiny Juv Pict Har
Shark Dog!  Ged Adamson Juv Pict Ada
Garcia and Colette go exploring   Hannah Rodgers Barnaby Juv Pict Bar
Don't blink!   Tom Booth Juv Pict Boo
Around the world in a bathtub : bathing all over the globe   Wade Bradford Juv Pict Bra
Splat!  Jon Burgerman Juv Pict Bur
What's your favorite color?   Eric Carle Juv Pict Car
Out!   Arree Chung Juv Pict Chu
There might be lobsters   Carolyn Crimi Juv Pict Cri
Zombelina school days.  Kristyn Crow Juv Pict Cro
Be a star, Wonder Woman!   Michael Dahl Juv Pict Dah
Daniel Tiger's 5-minute stories. Juv Pict Dan
Little excavator   Anna Dewdney Juv Pict Dew
Dinotrux : Team dinotrux!. Juv Pict Din
Littles : and how they grow   Kelly DiPucchio Juv Pict DiPuc
This book will not be fun   Cirocco Dunlap Juv Pict Dun
I got a new friend   Karl Edwards Juv Pict Edw
Bulldozer helps out   Candace Fleming Juv Pict Fle
Dinotrux   Chris. Gall Juv Pict Gal
Land of the Pilgrim's pride   Callista. Gingrich Juv Pict Gin
Sweet land of liberty   Callista Gingrich Juv Pict Gin
Yankee Doodle Dandy   Callista Gingrich Juv Pict Gin
Secret life of pets.  Dennis R. Shealy Juv Pict GOLDEN
Oi dog!;"Dog on a frog?   Kes Gray Juv Pict Gra
Home in the rain   Bob Graham Juv Pict Gra
7 ate 9 : the untold story   Tara Lazar Juv Pict Laz
The book of mistakes   Corinna Luyken Juv Pict Luy
Mine!   Jeff Mack Juv Pict Mac
Life is magic;"Rabbit magic   Meg McLaren Juv Pict McLar
I'm smart!   Kate McMullan Juv Pict McMul
World pizza   Cece Meng Juv Pict Men
Blue sky white stars   Sarvinder Naberhaus Juv Pict Nab
Claymates   Dev Petty Juv Pict Pet
Amanda Panda quits kindergarten   Candice F. Ransom Juv Pict Ran
Curious George plays soccer   Monica Perez Juv Pict Rey
On the spot : countless funny stories...   Amy Krouse Rosenthal Juv Pict Ros
We love you, Rosie!   Cynthia Rylant Juv Pict Ryl
Little Plane learns to write   Stephen Savage Juv Pict Sav
Where do jet planes sleep at night?   Brianna Caplan Sayres Juv Pict Say
Prudence the part-time cow   Jody Jensen Shaffer Juv Pict Sha
Ladybug Girl's day out with Grandpa   David Soman Juv Pict Som
An alphabet in bloom   Nathalie. illustrator Trovato Juv Pict Tro ABC 123
What the dinosaurs did at school   Refe Tuma Juv Pict Tum
Brobarians   Lindsay Ward Juv Pict War
I spy treasure hunt : a book of picture riddles   Walter Wick Juv Pict Wic
Welcome : a Mo Willems guide for new arrivals   Mo Willems Juv Pict Wil
The Jelly Bean tree   Toni Yuly Juv Pict Yul
Easy Readers
Dance with me!   Megan E. Bryant Juv Easy Bry (pap)
Who can? Daniel can!   Maggie Testa Juv Easy Dan
Strega Nona and the twins   Tomie DePaola Juv Easy DePao
Thirsty day in the crater   Emily Sollinger Juv Easy Din (pap)
Dinotrux to the rescue!   Emily Sollinger Juv Easy Din (pap)
Cars 3 : driven to win   Liz Marsham Juv Easy Dis (pap)
Work, dogs, work : a highway tail   James Horvath Juv Easy Hor (pap)
Defend the castle   Hannah. Dolan Juv Easy Lego (pap)
Barkus. Book 1   Patricia MacLachlan Juv Easy MacLac
Curious George builds a tree house   Julie Tibbott Juv Easy Rey
Spider-sense Spider-Man : Spider-Man versus Venom   John. Sazaklis Juv Easy Spi (pap)
Superman. Bizarro's last laugh   Donald B. Lemke Juv Easy Sup (pap)
Flying high   Nick. Eliopulos Juv Easy Sup (pap)
What is chasing Duck?   Jan Thomas Juv Easy Tho
I am Optimus Prime   Jennifer Fox Juv Easy Tra (pap)
I am an Amazon warrior   Steven Korté Juv Easy Won (pap)
Beginning Chapter Books
Baxter is missing   Rebecca Elliott Juv BC Ell
Wolfie and Fly   Cary Fagan Juv BC Fag
Yours sincerely, giraffe   Megumi Iwasa Juv BC Iwa
Horrible Harry and the Purple People   Suzy. Kline Juv BC Kli
Horrible Harry's secret   Suzy. Kline Juv BC Kli
April fools', Mr. Todd!   Megan McDonald Juv BC McDon
Stage fright on a summer night   Mary Pope. Osborne Juv BC Osb
High tide in Hawaii   Mary Pope. Osborne Juv BC Osb
Day of the Dragon King   Mary Pope Osborne Juv BC Osb
Lions at lunchtime   Mary Pope. Osborne Juv BC Osb
Polar bears past bedtime   Mary Pope. Osborne Juv BC Osb
Vacation under the volcano   Mary Pope. Osborne Juv BC Osb
Revolutionary war on Wednesday   Mary Pope Osborne Juv BC Osb
Twister on Tuesday   Mary Pope Osborne Juv BC Osb
Earthquake in the early morning   Mary Pope Osborne Juv BC Osb
Amelia Bedelia makes a splash.  Herman Parish Juv BC Par
Scyther, heart of a champion   Sheila Sweeny Higginson Juv BC Pok
Secret of the Pink Pokemon   Tracey West Juv BC Pok
Journey to the Orange Islands   Tracey West Juv BC Pok
Princess Cora and the crocodile   Laura Amy Schlitz Juv BC Sch
The summer vacation from the black lagoon    Mike Thaler Juv BC Tha
The little league team from the Black Lagoon   Mike Thaler Juv BC Tha
Back-to-school fright from the Black Lagoon   Mike Thaler Juv BC Tha
Juvenile Fiction (Middle Readers)
Evil Emperor Penguin   Laura Ellen Anderson Juv Fic And GRAPHIC
The unexpected life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts : being an absolutely accurate autobiographical account of my follies, fortunes & fate written by himself   1937- author. Avi Juv Fic Avi
Barbie. #1, Fashion superstar   Sarah Kuhn Juv Fic Bar GRAPHIC
Cyclone.  Doreen Cronin Juv Fic Cro
Rise of the Isle of the Lost   Melissa De la Cruz Juv Fic De la Cruz
The girl with the ghost machine   Lauren DeStefano Juv Fic DeSte
Recess warriors : hero is a four-letter word   Marcus Emerson Juv Fic Eme GRAPHIC
Genevieve's war   Patricia Reilly Giff Juv Fic Gif
The great treehouse war   Lisa  Graff Juv Fic Gra
Gnome-a-geddon   K. A Holt Juv Fic Hol
Restart   Gordon Korman Juv Fic Kor
The Explorers : the door in the alley   Adrienne Kress Juv Fic Kre
Step up to the plate, Maria Singh   Uma Krishnaswami Juv Fic Kri
The battle for the dragon's temple : an unofficial graphic novel for Minecrafters   Cara J. Stevens Juv Fic Min GRAPHIC
Captain Underpants, the first epic movie : official handbook   Kate Howard Juv Fic Pil
Poketto monsutā supesharu ekkusu wai. English;"Pokémon X-Y   Hidenori Kusaka Juv Fic Pok GRAPHIC
Middle school mayhem   Rachel Renée Russell Juv Fic Rus
Avatar, the last airbender. North and south. Part two   Gene Luen Yang Juv Fic Yan GRAPHIC
Avatar, the last airbender. North and south. Part three   Gene Luen Yang Juv Fic Yan GRAPHIC
Learn a Language  (new section!)
Bear on a bike : oso en bicicleta.  Stella Blackstone Juv LANG Pict Bla
How do you say? = ¿Cómo se dice?   Angela Dominguez Juv LANG Pict Dom
The last kappa of Old Japan : a magical journey of two friends   Sunny Seki Juv LANG Pict Sek 
Les Miserables : a French language primer.  Jennifer Adams Juv LANG Tot Ada 
Children's Non-Fiction
Coding projects in Python  Juv 005.133 C66
Stormy seas : stories of young boat refugees   Mary Beth Leatherdale Juv 305.9 L43
Why do families change? : our first talk about separation and divorce   Jillian Roberts Juv 306.89 R64
The secret project   Jonah Winter Juv 355.8 W78
Philanthroparties! : a party-planning guide for kids who want to give back   Lulu Cerone Juv 361.7 C41
This book stinks : gross garbage, rotten rubbish, and the science of trash.  Sarah Wassner Flynn Juv 363.72 F64
Time to talk : what you need to know about your child's speech and language development   Michelle MacRoy-Higgins Juv 372.6 M17 P/T
Chinese New Year   Rachel A. Koestler-Grack Juv 394.261 K78
The three billy goats gruff   Jerry Pinkney Juv 398.2 P65t
Children's illustrated thesaurus. Juv 423.12 C53
How many guinea pigs can fit on a plane? : answers to your most clever math questions   Laura Overdeck Juv 513 O96
Seven wonders of the solar system   David A. Aguilar Juv 523.2 A28
The elements book : a visual encyclopedia of the periodic table   Tom Jackson Juv 546.8 J14
You can be a Paleontologist!  Scott D. Sampson Juv 560.23 S19
The octopus scientists : exploring the mind of a mollusk   Sy Montgomery Juv 594.56 M78
Sharkpedia   Nancy Ellwood Juv 597.3 E47
If sharks disappeared   Lily Williams Juv 597.3 W72
Building structures and towers   Tammy Enz Juv 624.1 E61
Building bridges   Tammy Enz Juv 624.2 E61
Margaret and the Moon : how Margaret Hamilton saved the first lunar landing   Dean Robbins Juv 629.45 R63
Look, I'm a cook  Juv 641.5 L86
The music of life : Bartolomeo Cristofori and the invention of the piano   Elizabeth Rusch Juv 786.2 R95
My first book of soccer   Beth Bugler Juv 796.334 B93
My daddy rules the world : poems about dads   Hope Anita Smith Juv 811 S64
Pirates.  E. T. (Ed T.) Fox Juv 910.4 F79
50 things you should know about Titanic   Sean Callery Juv 910.9163 C15
Usain Bolt   Matt Scheff Juv 92 BOLT Usain
Caroline's comets : a true story   Emily Arnold McCully Juv 92 HERSCHEL C
Grace Hopper : queen of computer code   Laurie Wallmark Juv 92 HOPPER Grace
Astrophysicist and space advocate Neil deGrasse Tyson   Marne Ventura Juv 92 TYSON Neil
Noah Webster's fighting words   Tracy Maurer Juv 92 WEBSTER Noah
Real-life heroes   James Buckley Juv 920 B92
She persisted : 13 American women who changed the world   Chelsea Clinton Juv 920.72 C64
Where is the Eiffel Tower?   Dina Anastasio Juv 944.3 A53
Our country's presidents : a complete encyclopedia of the U.S. presidency   Ann Bausum Juv 973.09 B35o
The Civil War   Steven Otfinoski Juv 973.7 O87
Where are the Galapagos Islands?   Megan Stine Juv 986.6 S85
Children's Audio/Visual Items
Flowers for Sarajevo   John McCutcheon Juv CD KIT McCut
Star Wars : revenge of the Sith. Juv CD KIT Star
Barbie  : princess & puppy pack. Juv DVD Barbie
Lego Batman movie Juv DVD LEGO Batman
Teletubbies classics : fan favorites. Juv DVD Teletubbies
Teletubbies. Bubbles Juv DVD Teletubbies
Bambi  Juv DVD/BLU-RAY B
LEGO Batman movie  Juv DVD/BLU-RAY LEG
Dance, dance! Wiggles  Juv MUSIC CD Wiggl