New Children's Materials   March 2017
Title Author Call #
Toddler Books
A builder's word book. Juv Tot Bob
Can you say it, too? cheep! cheep! Braun  Sebastien Juv Tot Bra
The Itsy Bitsy Bunny  Burton  P. Jeffrey Juv Tot Bur
Springtime friends  Depken  Kristen L. Juv Tot Dis
Seeking a bunny  DiTerlizzi  Angela Juv Tot DiTer
Say good night  Dunrea  Olivier Juv Tot Dun
Get well soon, Spot  Hill  Eric Juv Tot Hil
Flora and the chicks  Idle  Molly Schaar Juv Tot Idl
That's not my angel  Watt  Fiona. Juv Tot Wat
That's not my goat--  Watt  Fiona Juv Tot Wat
That's not my meerkat-- : its ears are too fluffy  Watt  Fiona Juv Tot Wat
That's not my owl-- : its beak is too shiny  Watt  Fiona Juv Tot Wat
That's not my prince : his hat is too soft  Watt  Fiona. Juv Tot Wat
Picture Books
Life on Mars  Agee  Jon Juv Pict Age
Daniel finds a poem  Archer  Micha Juv Pict Arc (Big Book)
Noisy night  Barnett  Mac Juv Pict Bar
Hats off to you!  Beaumont  Karen Juv Pict Bea
There was an old lady who swallowed a clover!  Colandro  Lucille. Juv Pict Col (pap)
Wolf in the snow  Cordell  Matthew Juv Pict Cor
Good morning, Superman  Dahl  Michael Juv Pict Dah
Pete the cat and the treasure map  Dean  James Juv Pict Dea (pap)
Antoinette  DiPucchio  Kelly Juv Pict DiPuc
You don't want a unicorn!  Dyckman  Ame Juv Pict Dyc
Great, now we've got barbarians!  Eaton  Jason Carter Juv Pict Eat
Transportation! : how people get around  Gibbons  Gail Juv Pict Gib
Star Wars OBI-123  Glass  Calliope Juv Pict Gla ABC 123
Peeps in pajamas. Posner-Sanchez  Andrea Juv Pict GOLDEN
Are we still friends?  Horowitz  Ruth Juv Pict Hor
We're going on an egg hunt  Hughes  Laura Juv Pict Hug
All ears, all eyes  Jackson  Richard Juv Pict Jac
Police Pursuit!  Rusu  Meredith Juv Pict Lego (pap)
Being Batman  Petranek  Michael Juv Pict Lego (pap)
Boris and the worrisome wakies  Lester  Helen Juv Pict Les
Duck and Hippo in the rainstorm  London  Jonathan Juv Pict Lon
Watersong  McCanna  Tim Juv Pict McCan
Lola gets a cat  McQuinn  Anna Juv Pict McQui
Sweetest Easter. Posner-Sanchez  Andrea Juv Pict Pos (pap)
Bob, not Bob!  Scanlon  Elizabeth Garton Juv Pict Sca
Not quite narwhal  Sima  Jessie Juv Pict Sim
A perfect day  Smith  Lane Juv Pict Smi
Spring is everywhere! Juv Pict Spr
Say hello, Sophie!  Wells  Rosemary Juv Pict Wel
Easy Readers
The Berenstain Bears : we love baseball!  Berenstain  Mike Juv Easy Ber
Biscuit flies a kite  Capucilli  Alyssa Satin Juv Easy Cap
The sweetest spring  Jordan  Apple. Juv Easy Dis (pap)
I love pink!  Gilbert  Frances Juv Easy Gil (pap)
Stop the stone monsters!  Murray  Helen  Juv Easy Lego (pap)
I'm Batgirl!  West  Tracey Juv Easy Lego (pap)
Frog and Toad are friends  Lobel  Arnold Juv Easy Lob
The fight in the forest  Millici  Nate Juv Easy Star (pap)
Beginning Chapter Books
Ms. Joni is a phony!  Gutman  Dan Juv BC Gut
The cave of Aaaaah! Doom!  Kent  Jaden Juv BC Ken
Pythor's revenge  Rusu  Meredith Juv BC Lego
When lava strikes  Mann  Greyson Juv BC Man
Elle the Thumbelina fairy  Meadows  Daisy Juv BC Mea
Mariana the Goldilocks fairy  Meadows  Daisy Juv BC Mea
Rosalie the Rapunzel fairy  Meadows  Daisy Juv BC Mea
Ruth the Red Riding Hood Fairy  Meadows  Daisy Juv BC Mea
Nancy Clancy, late-breaking news!  O'Connor  Jane Juv BC O'Con
April Fools' fiasco  Roy  Ron Juv BC Roy
Juvenile Fiction (Middle Readers)
Barbie star light adventure. 1, the secret of the gems  Howard  Tini Juv Fic Bar GRAPHIC
Beck and the great berry battle  Driscoll  Laura Juv Fic Dis
Tink, north of Never Land  Thorpe  Kiki. Juv Fic Dis
The trouble with Tink  Thorpe  Kiki Juv Fic Dis
Prilla and the butterfly lie  Richards  Kitty. Juv Fic Dis
Sci-Fi Junior High  Martin  John Juv Fic Mar
Train I ride  Mosier  Paul Juv Fic Mos
My little pony, friendship is magic. Volume 11 Juv Fic My GRAPHIC
Jurassic carp: my big fat zombie goldfish  O'Hara  Mo Juv Fic O'Har
Big Nate. What's a little noogie between friends?  Peirce  Lincoln Juv Fic Pei GRAPHIC
Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire  Kusaka  Hidenori Juv Fic Pok GRAPHIC
The son of Neptune  Venditti  Robert Juv Fic Rio GRAPHIC
Join the resistance  Acker  Ben Juv Fic Star
Slappy birthday to you  Stine  R. L. Juv Fic Sti
Plants vs. zombies. Boom boom mushroom  Tobin  Paul Juv Fic Tob GRAPHIC
Children's Non-Fiction
How coding works  Hubbard  Ben Juv 005.13 H87
Who are you? : the kid's guide to gender identity  Pessin-Whedbee  Brook Juv 305.3 P47
Disability rights movement  Hayes  Amy Juv 323.32 H41
Every breath we take : a book about air  Ajmera  Maya Juv 363.739 A31
Malala : activist for girls' education  Frier  Raphael Juv 371.822 F91
Science year by year  Gifford  Clive Juv 509 G45
Let's estimate : a book about estimating and rounding numbers  Adler  David A Juv 513 A23
Zoom! : Wile E. Coyote experiments with speed and velocity  Weakland  Mark Juv 531.112 W36z
Rivers of sunlight : how the sun moves water around the earth  Bang  Molly Juv 551.48 B21
Water is water : a book about the water cycle  Paul  Miranda Juv 551.48 P32
Tornado terror  Tarshis  Lauren Juv 551.55 T19
When the sky breaks : hurricanes, tornadoes, and the worst weather in the world  Winchester  Simon Juv 551.55 W75
Grand Canyon  Chin  Jason Juv 557.91 C53
First dinosaur encyclopedia. Juv 567.9 F52d
What was the age of the dinosaurs?  Stine  Megan Juv 567.9 S95
In the forest  Evans  Shira Juv 577.3 E92
Perilous places  Greathead  Helen Juv 578.4 G78
Plants  Williams  Kathryn Juv 581 W72
Big book of animals : a LEGO adventure in the real world. Juv 590 B59
Who hatches the egg?  Rabe  Tish Juv 591.468 R11
Whose poop is that?  Lunde  Darrin P Juv 591.5 L96
Bug off! : a LEGO adventure in the real world  Arlon  Penelope Juv 595.7 A72
Sharks  Fowler  Sarah L. Juv 597.3 F78
Penguin day : a family story. Bishop  Nic Juv 598.47 B62
Robins! : how they grow up  Christelow  Eileen Juv 598.842 C55
The girl's body book  Dunham  Kelli S. Juv 613.042 D91
Cool engineering projects : fun & creative workshop activities. Felix  Rebecca Juv 620.1 F31
Cool battery & electricity projects : fun & creative workshop activities  Felix  Rebecca Juv 621.3 F31
Cool engine & motor projects : fun & creative workshop activities  Felix  Rebecca Juv 621.46 F31
3D printing : science, technology, engineering  Otfinoski  Steven Juv 621.98 O87
A book of bridges : here to there and me to you  Keely  Cheryl Juv 624.2 K26
How to build aircraft  Storey  Rita Juv 629.133 S88
Mighty machines : a Lego adventure in the real world. Juv 629.225 M63
On becoming babywise : giving your infant the gift of nighttime sleep  Ezzo  Gary Juv 649.122 E99 P/T
The ultimate guide to raising teens and tweens : strategies for unlocking your child's full potential  Haddad  Douglas Juv 649.125 H12 P/T
Cool woodworking projects : fun & creative workshop activities  Felix  Rebecca Juv 684.08 F31
Cool metalworking projects : fun & creative workshop activities  Felix  Rebecca Juv 684.09 F31
Awesome minds : the inventors of LEGO toys  Hagar  Erin Juv 688.7 H14
Cool leatherworking projects : fun & creative workshop activities  Felix  Rebecca Juv 745.53 F31
Batman movie : the making of the movie. Miller-Zarneke  Tracey. Juv 791.43 M65
Batman's guide to being cool  Dewin  Howard Juv 791.4372 D52
Minecraft : ultimate survival book  Juv 793.93 M66ul
Animal ark : celebrating our wild world in poetry and pictures  Alexander  Kwame Juv 811.6 A37
Hysterical jokes for Minecrafters : blocks, boxes, blasts, and blow-outs  Boone  Brian Juv 818 B72
Laugh-out-loud awesome jokes for kids  Elliott  Rob Juv 818 E46
125 wacky roadside attractions : see all the weird, wonderful, and downright bizarre landmarks from around the world!. Juv 910.4 O58
Keith Haring : the boy who just kept drawing  Haring  Kay Juv 92 HARING Keith
Amazing women  Jenner  Caryn Juv 920.72 J54
London city trails  Butterfield  Moira Juv 942.1 B98
Paris city trails  Greathead  Helen Juv 944.3 G78
Living in ... Italy  Perkins  Chloe Juv 945 P44
Living in ... China  Perkins  Chloe Juv 951 P44
All about Japan : stories, songs, crafts, and more  Moore  Willamarie. Juv 952 M82
Living in ... India  Perkins  Chloe Juv 954 P44
All about the Philippines : stories, songs, crafts and games for kids  Jimenez  Gidget Roceles Juv 959.9 J61
Living in ... South Africa  Perkins  Chloe Juv 968 P44
New York city trails  Butterfield  Moira Juv 974.71 B98
Living in ... Brazil  Perkins  Chloe Juv 981 P44
Living in ... Australia  Perkins  Chloe Juv 994 P44
Children's DVDs
Barnyard Juv DVD Barnyard
Beauty and the beast  Juv DVD Beauty and t
Bunyan & Babe Juv DVD Bunyan & Ba
Dancing for kids Juv DVD Dancing For 
Daniel Tiger's neighborhood. Daniel visits the farm Juv DVD Daniel Tiger
Easter bunny adventure Juv DVD Easter Bunny
Ice age, the great egg-scapade  Juv DVD Ice Age Great Egg
Lego Star wars, The Yoda chronicles  Juv DVD Lego Star Wars
Moana Juv DVD Moana
Good night, Pajanimals  Juv DVD Pajanimals
PAW patrol. Pups save the bunnies Juv DVD PAW Patrol
Sing  Juv DVD Sing
Swan princess : royally undercover. Juv DVD Swan Princess
Alice in Wonderland Juv DVD/BLU-RAY Alice in 
The aristocats Juv DVD/BLU-RAY Aristocats
Dumbo Juv DVD/BLU-RAY Dumbo
Oliver and company Juv DVD/BLU-RAY Oliver a
Children's Music CDs
A child's celebration of folk music Juv MUSIC CD Child's Cele
Kids fun Easter favorites Juv MUSIC CD Kids Fun East
Nursery rhymes  Wiggles   performer. Juv MUSIC CD Wiggles