New Children's Materials  May 2017
Toddler Books (Board Books)
ABC Spanish  Baylis  Aless Juv Tot Bay
Baby's first words  Blackstone  Stella Juv Tot Bla
Feminist baby  Brantz  Loryn Juv Tot Bra
I love my bunny  Church  Caroline Juv Tot Chu
I love my puppy  Church  Caroline Juv Tot Chu
Daniel's day at the beach  Friedman  Becky Juv Tot Dan
M is for Mickey : a book of first words and ABCs  Ilnitzki  Megan Juv Tot Dis
Rocket science for babies  Ferrie  Chris Juv Tot Fer
Black white  Hoban  Tana Juv Tot Hob
One, two, three, Mother Goose  Juv Tot Mot
How monkey says my name is! : an adventure in eight languages  Samoun  Abigail Juv Tot Sam
Counting [braille]  Star  Fleur Juv Tot Sta
Opposites attack! Juv Tot Tee
Sunrise, moonrise  Thompson  Betsy Juv Tot Tho
Picture Books
Triangle  Barnett  Mac Juv Pict Bar
It's great being a dad  Bar-el  Dan Juv Pict Bar
Splatypus  Bardhan-Quallen  Sudipta Juv Pict Bar
Welcome to Bear Country. Berenstain  Mike Juv Pict Ber (pap)
Far apart, close in heart : being a family when a loved one is incarcerated  Birtha  Becky Juv Pict Bir
Wordplay  Brunetti  Ivan Juv Pict Bru
Camino a casa. English;"Walk with me  Buitrago  Jairo Juv Pict Bui
Peek-A-Boo You! Cabrera  Jane Juv Pict Cab
Peek-A-Boo Zoo! Cabrera  Jane Juv Pict Cab
Georgie's best bad day  Chan  Ruth Juv Pict Cha
Boat of dreams  Coelho  Rogério Juv Pict Coe
Big cat, little cat  Cooper  Elisha Juv Pict Coo
Maisy goes to the local bookstore  Cousins  Lucy Juv Pict Cou
You are special, Daniel Tiger!  Santomero  Angela C. Juv Pict Dan
You are special, Daniel Tiger!  Santomero  Angela C. Juv Pict Dan
Daniel goes to the carnival  Santomero  Angela C. Juv Pict Dan (pap)
Pete the cat and the cool cat boogie  Dean  Kim Juv Pict Dea
The giant jumperee  Donaldson  Julia Juv Pict Don
Plankton is pushy  Fenske  Jonathan Juv Pict Fen
Go sleep in your own bed  Fleming  Candace Juv Pict Fle
Cinnamon  Gaiman  Neil Juv Pict Gai
Chugga chugga choo choo  Garcia  Emma Juv Pict Gar
Stack the cats  Ghahremani  Susie Juv Pict Gha ABC 123
Pass it on  Henn  Sophy Juv Pict Hen
Who wants to be a princess? : what it was really like to be a medieval princess  Heos  Bridget Juv Pict Heo
There's a bug on my book!  Himmelman  John Juv Pict Him
A letter to my teacher  Hopkinson  Deborah Juv Pict Hop
Up! : how families around the world carry their little ones  Hughes  Susan Juv Pict Hug
All Kinds Of Cars. Johanson  Carl Juv Pict Joh
Peterrific  Kann  Victoria Juv Pict Kan
Naptastrophe!  Krosoczka  Jarrett Juv Pict Kro
If I were a kangaroo : a bedtime tale  Larsen  Mylisa Juv Pict Lar
I don't draw, I color!  Lehrhaupt  Adam Juv Pict Leh
Touch the Earth  Lennon  Julian Juv Pict Len
Royal wedding  Juv Pict Look
Look and find : snowman  Tiritilli  Jerry. Juv Pict Look
Look and find Disney Frozen  Juv Pict Look
Shine!  McDonnell  Patrick Juv Pict McDon
Wonderful you : an adoption story  McLaughlin  Lauren Juv Pict McLau
SuperHero ABC  McLeod  Bob. Juv Pict McLeo ABC 
The way home in the night. Miyakoshi  Akiko Juv Pict Miy
A is for activist. Nagara  Innosanto Juv Pict Nag ABC
Mosquitoes can't bite ninjas  Novak  Jordan P. Juv Pict Nov
If you ever want to bring a circus to the library, don't!  Parsley  Elise Juv Pict Par
T. Veg : the story of a carrot-crunching dinosaur  Prasadam-Halls  Smriti Juv Pict Pra
Sea Monkey & Bob  Reynolds  Aaron Juv Pict Rey
If my love were a fire truck : a daddy's love song  Reynolds  Luke Juv Pict Rey
Curious George museum mystery. Meier  Anna Juv Pict Rey
And the robot went ...  Robinson  Michelle (Michelle Jane) Juv Pict Rob
Dragons love tacos 2 : the sequel  Rubin  Adam Juv Pict Rub
Rodzilla  Sanders  Rob Juv Pict San
Town is by the sea  Schwartz  Joanne (Joanne F.) Juv Pict Sch
The true story of the 3 little pigs  Scieszka  Jon. Juv Pict Sci
Goldfish Ghost  Snicket  Lemony Juv Pict Sni
Pelo rio. English;"Along the river  Starkoff  Vanina Juv Pict Sta
Ice boy. Stein  David Ezra Juv Pict Ste
Up! up! up! skyscraper  Suen  Anastasia Juv Pict Sue
Pandora Turnbull  Victoria Juv Pict Tur
Share, big bear, share!  Wright  Maureen Juv Pict Wri
Morris Mole  Yaccarino  Dan Juv Pict Yac
On Duck Pond  Yolen  Jane Juv Pict Yol
Easy Readers
Pig & Goose and the first day of spring  Bond  Rebecca Juv Easy Bon
Paddington's day off  Bond  Michael Juv Easy Bon (pap)
Pete the cat and the tip-top tree house  Dean  James Juv Easy Dea
Guinness world records : remarkable robots  Finnegan  Delphine Juv Easy Fin (pap)
JoJo and the magic trick  O'Connor  Jane Juv Easy O'Con
Beginning Chapter
Maggie and the flying horse  Baker  E. D. Juv BC Bak
Maggie and the wish fish  Baker  E. D. Juv BC Bak
The bad guys in the furball strikes back  Blabey  Aaron Juv BC Bla
Remy Sneakers vs. the Robo-rats  Sherry  Kevin Juv BC She
Gabriela speaks out  Harris  Teresa E. Juv Fic Ame
Rocket and Groot : keep on truckin'  Angleberger  Tom Juv Fic Ang
The unbreakable code  Bertman  Jennifer Chambliss Juv Fic Ber
CatStronauts : mission Moon  Brockington  Drew Juv Fic Bro GRAPHIC
CatStronauts Race to Mars. Brockington  Drew Juv Fic Bro GRAPHIC
In darkling wood  Carroll  Emma Juv Fic Car
Forever, or a long, long time  Carter  Caela Juv Fic Car
Pick your poison  Child  Lauren Juv Fic Chi
Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt  Clanton  Ben Juv Fic Cla GRAPHIC
Three pennies  Crowder  Melanie Juv Fic Cro
Beauty and the beast  Rudnick  Elizabeth Juv Fic Dis
One good thing about America  Freeman  Ruth Juv Fic Fre
Braced  Gerber  Alyson Juv Fic Ger
Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 2, The junior novel  McCann  Jim Juv Fic Gua
Guys read. Heroes & villains  Juv Fic Guy
In over their heads  Haddix  Margaret Peterson Juv Fic Had
Real friends  Hale  Shannon Juv Fic Hal GRAPHIC
The end of the wild  Helget  Nicole Lea Juv Fic Hel
Fair ball  Jeter  Derek Juv Fic Jet
The wimpy kid movie diary : the next chapter  Kinney  Jeff Juv Fic Kin
Rogue City : build your own story  West  Tracey Juv Fic Lego
Invisible Emmie  Libenson  Terri Juv Fic Lib GRAPHIC
Camp Half-Blood confidential : your real guide to the demigod training camp  Riordan  Rick Juv Fic Rio
The dark prophecy  Riordan  Rick Juv Fic Rio
Rooting for Rafael Rosales  Scaletta  Kurtis Juv Fic Sca
Peanuts. Selections;"Snoopy to the rescue : a Peanuts collection  Schulz  Charles M. (Charles Monroe) Juv Fic Sch GRAPHIC
The sand warrior  Siegel  Mark Juv Fic Sie GRAPHIC
Unicorn crossing : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure  Simpson  Dana Juv Fic Sim GRAPHIC
Heart of the land  Prineas  Sarah Juv Fic Spi
Star wars, the prequel trilogy : a graphic novel  Ferrari  Alessandro (Alessandro Q.) Juv Fic Star GRAPHIC
Cilla Lee-Jenkins : future author extraordinaire  Tan  Susan Juv Fic Tan
Henry and the chalk dragon  Trafton  Jennifer Juv Fic Tra
Giant trouble  Vernon  Ursula Juv Fic Ver
Clayton Byrd goes underground  Williams-Garcia  Rita Juv Fic Wil
The clue in the papyrus scroll  Garretson  Dee Juv Mys War
Children's Non-Fiction
Factastic : a LEGO adventure in the real world. Juv 031.02 F14
Police to the rescue around the world  Staniford  Linda Juv 363.2 S78
pedal power : How One Community Became the Bicycle Capital of the World. Drummond  Allan Juv 388.3472 D79
Memorial Day  Bailey  R. J. Juv 394.262 B15
How to be a scientist  Mould  Steve Juv 507.8 M92
Looking up! : the science of stargazing  Rao  Joe Juv 520 R21
Mars : the red planet  Carney  Elizabeth Juv 523.43 C28m
Stars and galaxies  Buckley  James Juv 523.8 B92
Down comes the rain  Branley  Franklyn M. Juv 551.57 B82
50 wacky things animals do : weird & amazing animal facts!  Wagner  Tricia M Juv 591.5 W13
Insects  Romero  Libby Juv 595.7 R76
Something's fishy  : a Toon book  McCloskey  Kevin Juv 597 M12
The hidden life of a toad  Wechsler  Doug Juv 597.87 W38
Rhino in the house : the true story of saving Samia  Kirk  Daniel Juv 599.668 K59
The science behind Batman's tools  Biskup  Agnieszka Juv 600 B62
Superman science : the real-world science behind Superman's powers  Biskup  Agnieszka Juv 612 B62
When your child has food allergies : a parent's guide to managing it all--from the everyday to the extreme  Schwartz  Mireille Juv 618.92 S49 P/T
Phones keep us connected  Zoehfeld  Kathleen W Juv 621.385 Z85
Building vehicles that roll  Enz  Tammy Juv 629.04 E61
The science behind Batman's flying machines  Enz  Tammy Juv 629.13 E61
The science behind Batman's ground vehicles  Enz  Tammy Juv 629.2 E61
125 Pet Rescues from pound to palace: homeless pets made happy! Juv 636.0832 O58
Cat tales : true stories of kindness and companionship with kitties  Newman  Aline A Juv 636.8 N55c
Eat up! : an infographic exploration of food  Banyard  Antonia Juv 641.3 B21
Parties  Gerulat  Nicole Hill Juv 641.5 G38
Cook me a story : a treasury of stories and recipes inspired by classic fairy tales  Kozlowski  Bryan Juv 641.5 K88
Super simple snacks : easy no-bake recipes for kids  Tuminelly  Nancy Juv 641.5 T92s
Fearless food : allergy-free recipes for kids  Jorgensen  Katrina Juv 641.563 J82
The sugary secrets behind candy  O'Ryan  Ellie Juv 641.85 O79
The science behind Batman's uniform  Biskup  Agnieszka Juv 687.16 B62
LEGO DC Comics super heroes : the awesome guide  Scott  Cavan Juv 688.7 S42
Get into cartooning  Kovacs  Vic Juv 741.5 K88
Wonder Woman : warrior for justice  Marsham  Liz Juv 741.59 M36
Out of the box  Westing  Jemma Juv 745.54 W52
Get into dioramas and models  Dyer  Janice Juv 745.8 D99
Learning to crochet  Rau  Dana M Juv 746.43 R23
Ultimate explorer guide : explore, discover, and create your own adventures with real National Geographic explorers  Honovich  Nancy Juv 790.19 H77
Cars 3 : the essential guide  Bynghall  Steve Juv 791.4372 B99
Star Wars : the visual encyclopedia  Barr  Patricia Juv 791.4375 B26
Get into Minecraft  Kovacs  Vic Juv 793.93 K88
Martina & Chrissie : the greatest rivalry in the history of sports  Bildner  Phil Juv 796.342 B59
The WWE book of top 10s. Juv 796.812 W92
The hawk of the castle : a story of medieval falconry  Smith  Danna Juv 799.232 S64
Out of wonder : poems celebrating poets  Juv 808.1 A37
Poems. Selections;"Thunder underground  Yolen  Jane Juv 811 Y54t
Smithsonian children's illustrated atlas  Brooks  Andrew Juv 912 B87
Where on Earth? : atlas  Juv 912 W56a
Lighter than air : Sophie Blanchard, the first woman pilot  Smith  Matthew C Juv 92 BLANCHARD 
Who was Princess Diana?  Labrecque  Ellen Juv 92 DIANA
Karl, get out of the garden! : Carolus Linnaeus and the naming of everything  Sanchez  Anita Juv 92 LINNAEUS Carl
Jack London and the Klondike gold rush  Lourie  Peter Juv 92 LONDON Jack
Mickey Mantle : the Commerce Comet  Winter  Jonah Juv 92 MANTLE M
Balderdash! : John Newbery and the boisterous birth of children's books  Markel  Michelle Juv 92 NEWBERY John
Newton's rainbow : the revolutionary discoveries of a young scientist  Lasky  Kathryn Juv 92 NEWTON Isaac
Red Cloud : a Lakota story of war and surrender  Nelson  S. D. Juv 92 RED CLOUD
Who are the Rolling Stones?  Rau  Dana M Juv 92 ROLLING 
Stand up and sing! : Pete Seeger, folk music, and the path to justice  Reich  Susanna Juv 92 SEEGER Pete
World War II : a nonfiction companion to Magic tree house super edition #1 : world at war, 1944  Osborne  Mary Pope Juv 940.53 O81
Vikings  Ohlin  Nancy Juv 948 O37
The Great Wall of China  Ohlin  Nancy Juv 951 O37
Vietnam War  Murray  Stuart Juv 959.704 M98
A time to act : John F. Kennedy's big speech  Corey  Shana Juv 973.922 C79
What was the Wild West?  Pascal  Janet B. Juv 978.02 P27
DVDs/Music CDs
Bubble Guppies. Super Guppies Juv DVD Bubble Gupp
Daniel Tiger's neighborhood. Tiger family trip  Juv DVD Daniel Tiger
All about allergies [ Juv DVD Daniel Tiger
Kiki's delivery service  Juv DVD Kiki's Delivery
The land before time. Volume VIII, The big freeze Juv DVD Land Before
The land before time. Volume VI, The secret of Saurus Rock Juv DVD Land Before
The land before time. Volume VII, The stone of cold fire  Juv DVD Land Before
A mermaid's tale Juv DVD Mermaid's T
My neighbor Totoro  Juv DVD My Neighbor
Peg+Cat. Peg and Cat save the world  Juv DVD Peg + Cat
Rock dog Juv DVD Rock Dog
Thomas Edison's secret lab. It's always sharkest Juv DVD Thomas Edis