New Children's Materials May 2018
Toddler Books (Board Books)
Little women : a playtime primer  Adams  Jennifer Juv Tot Ada
Find it at the construction site  Archer  Peggy Juv Tot Arc
Stomp! Stomp!  Braun  Sebastien Juv Tot Bra
Cars & trucks on the road. Juv Tot Car
Bath! Bath! Bath!  Florian  Douglas Juv Tot Flo
Ten shiny snails  Galloway  Ruth Juv Tot Gal
Peek-a-flap zoo  Garnett  Jaye Juv Tot Gar
Peek-a-flap moo. Garnett  Jaye Juv Tot Gar
Peek-a-flap who. Garnett  Jaye Juv Tot Gar
Mama, is it summer yet? McClure  Nikki Juv Tot McClu
Little blue truck's springtime : a lift-the-flap book  Schertle  Alice Juv Tot Sch
Picture Books
Pancakes in pajamas  Asch  Frank Juv Pict Asc
Back to the future  Juv Pict Bac
Square  Barnett  Mac Juv Pict Bar
Crown : an ode to the fresh cut  Barnes  Derrick D. Juv Pict Bar
All of us  Berger  Carin Juv Pict Ber
Hello lighthouse  Blackall  Sophie Juv Pict Bla
And then comes summer  Brenner  Tom Juv Pict Bre
A dog with nice ears : featuring Charlie and Lola  Child  Lauren Juv Pict Chi
There was an old pirate who swallowed a map! Colandro  Lucille Juv Pict Col
Firefighter Pete  Dean  James Juv Pict Dea (pap)
In a small kingdom  DePaola  Tomie Juv Pict DePao
Llama Llama loves to read  Dewdney  Anna Juv Pict Dew
The new liBEARian  Donald  Alison Juv Pict Don
The detective dog  Donaldson  Julia Juv Pict Don
A lion is a lion  Dunbar  Polly Juv Pict Dun
Misunderstood Shark : starring Shark!  Dyckman  Ame Juv Pict Dyc
Olivia 5-minute stories. Juv Pict Fal
Mary had a little lab  Fliess  Sue Juv Pict Fli
A house that once was  Fogliano  Julie Juv Pict Fog
The case of the stinky stench  Funk  Josh Juv Pict Fun
The honeybee  Hall  Kirsten Juv Pict Hal
Keith, the cat with the magic hat. Hendra  Sue Juv Pict Hen
W is for welcome : a celebration of America's diversity  Herzog  Brad Juv Pict Her ABC 123
Bedtime for Frances  Hoban  Russell Juv Pict Hob
Malaika's costume  Hohn  Nadia L. Juv Pict Hoh
The greedy goat  Horáček  Petr Juv Pict Hor
Mama's belly. Hosford  Kate Juv Pict Hos
I walk with Vanessa : a story about a simple act of kindness  Kerascoët  author Juv Pict Ker
Heal the Earth. Lennon  Julian Juv Pict Len
Froggy's lemonade stand  London  Jonathan Juv Pict Lon
Coco. Juv Pict Look
Beauty and the beast. Wagner  Veronica author. Juv Pict Look
Alma and how she got her name  Martinez-Neal  Juana Juv Pict Mar
Prickly hedgehogs!  McGuinness  Jane Juv Pict McGui
Be kind  Miller  Pat Zietlow Juv Pict Mil
Mrs Noah's pockets. Morris  Jackie Juv Pict Mor
Summer color!  Murray  Diana Juv Pict Mur
Olivia dances for joy  Shaw  Natalie. Juv Pict Oli (pap)
Bigger! Bigger!  Patricelli  Leslie Juv Pict Pat
Mega machines : learn about things that go!  Juv Pict Paw
P is for Pups! : a PAW patrol visual dictionary. Juv Pict Paw ABC 123
This story is for you  Pizzoli  Greg Juv Pict Piz
The breaking news  Reul  Sarah Lynne Juv Pict Reu
Dude!  Reynolds  Aaron Juv Pict Rey
Don't blink!  Rosenthal  Amy Krouse Juv Pict Ros
Dragons love tacos  Rubin  Adam Juv Pict Rub
Sweet dreams, Jack-Jack  Rusu  Meredith Juv Pict Rus
Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland  Scieszka  Jon. Juv Pict Sci
Kindness makes the world go round  Manning  Craig (Author) Juv Pict Ses
Dinosaur roar!  Stickland  Paul. Juv Pict Sti
Berry Bitty Bakers  Ackelsberg  Amy. Juv Pict Str (pap)
Wonder Woman is respectful  Harbo  Christopher L. Juv Pict Sup (pap)
Aquaman is fair  Harbo  Christopher L. Juv Pict Sup (pap)
Mommy's khimar  Thompkins-Bigelow  Jamilah Juv Pict Tho
Short stories Selections;"Kit & Kaboodle  Wells  Rosemary Juv Pict Wel
People don't bite people  Wheeler  Lisa Juv Pict Whe
I got it!  Wiesner  David Juv Pict Wie
The night before Mother's Day  Wing  Natasha. Juv Pict Win (pap)
Over at the construction site. Wise  Bill Juv Pict Wis
Mali under the night sky : a Lao story of home  Youme. Juv Pict You
Trashy town  Zimmerman  Andrea Griffing Juv Pict Zim
I love Dad : with the very hungry caterpillar  Carle  Eric tiny Juv Pict Car
Easy Readers
Fly Guy and the alienzz  Arnold  Tedd Juv Easy Arn
Biscuit and the big parade!  Capucilli  Alyssa Satin Juv Easy Cap
Pete the cat's groovy bake sale  Dean  James Juv Easy Dea
I love my dad  Liberts  Jennifer Juv Easy Dis (pap)
Blowing in the wind  Brooke  Samantha Juv Easy Mag (pap)
The itchy book!  Pham  LeUyen Juv Easy Pha
Making the band  Barbo  Maria S. Juv Easy Pok (pap)
Ultimate villains  Ridout  Cefn Juv Easy Sup
Batman has a plan  Gallo  Tina Juv Easy Sup (pap)
Beginning Chapter
The bad guys in alien vs. bad guys  Blabey  Aaron Juv BC Bla
The ember stone  Charman  Katrina Juv BC Cha
The pod and the bog  Citro  Asia Juv BC Cit
Captain Awesome for president  Kirby  Stan Juv BC Kir
Bad guy blizzard  Marsham  Liz Juv BC Lego
Adventure on Treasure Island. Juv BC Pok
Remy Sneakers and the lost treasure  Sherry  Kevin Juv BC She
Meet the Bobs and Tweets  Springfield  Pepper Juv BC Spr
The deadly double  Seidman  David Juv BC Sup
Juvenile Fiction (Middle Readers)
Rebound  Alexander  Kwame Juv Fic Ale
Peter & Ernesto : a tale of two sloths  Annable  Graham Juv Fic Ann GRAPHIC
The last  Applegate  Katherine Juv Fic App
Dreadful acts  Ardagh  Philip. Juv Fic Ard
Terrible times  Ardagh  Philip. Juv Fic Ard
CatStronauts : space station situation  Brockington  Drew Juv Fic Bro GRAPHIC
Mega robo bros  Cameron  Neill Juv Fic Cam GRAPHIC
The invisible man  Davis  Terry. Juv Fic Dav GRAPHIC
Wed wabbit  Evans  Lissa Juv Fic Eva
Moving target  Gonzalez  Christina Diaz Juv Fic Gon
Curveball  Jeter  Derek Juv Fic Jet
You go first  Kelly  Erin Entrada Juv Fic Kel
The contest  Korman  Gordon. Juv Fic Kor
The climb  Korman  Gordon. Juv Fic Kor
The abduction  Korman  Gordon. Juv Fic Kor
The search  Korman  Gordon. Juv Fic Kor
The rescue  Korman  Gordon. Juv Fic Kor
The discovery  Korman  Gordon. Juv Fic Kor
The deep  Korman  Gordon. Juv Fic Kor
The danger  Korman  Gordon. Juv Fic Kor
Shipwreck  Korman  Gordon Juv Fic Kor
Survival  Korman  Gordon Juv Fic Kor
Island. Book Three, Escape  Korman  Gordon. Juv Fic Kor
Bad moooove! Krulik  Nancy E. Juv Fic Kru
Code word courage  Larson  Kirby Juv Fic Lar
All summer long  Larson  Hope Juv Fic Lar GRAPHIC
Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot. #1  Loveness  Jeff Juv Fic Lov GRAPHIC
Bob  Mass  Wendy Juv Fic Mas
Hidden in the overworld  Morgan  Winter Juv Fic Mor
Lost in the jungle  Nye  Bill Juv Fic Nye
The nerdiest, wimpiest, dorkiest I funny ever  Patterson  James Juv Fic Pat
Big Foot and Little Foot  Potter  Ellen Juv Fic Pot
Ghost boys  Rhodes  Jewell Parker Juv Fic Rho
Beneath  Smith  Roland Juv Fic Smi
Sonic the Hedgehog archives. Juv Fic Son GRAPHIC
Amore va in scena a Topford! English;"Drama at Mouseford. 1  Stilton  Thea Juv Fic Sti
My life as a Youtuber  Tashjian  Janet Juv Fic Tas
Lulu is getting a sister : (who wants her? who needs her?)  Viorst  Judith Juv Fic Vio
Lights, music, code!  Whittemore  Jo Juv Fic Whi
Children's Non-Fiction
Back from the brink  Castaldo  Nancy F. (Nancy Fusco) Juv 333.95 C34
The brilliant deep : rebuilding the world's coral reefs  Messner  Kate Juv 333.95 M58
Super simple rock cycle projects : science activities for future petrologists  Alkire  Jessie Juv 507.8 A41
Super simple fossil projects : science activities for future paleontologists  Alkire  Jessie Juv 507.8 A41s
Curiosity : the story of a Mars rover  Motum  Markus Juv 523.43 M92
Cassini : unlocking the secrets of Saturn  Hamilton  John Juv 523.46 H21
Curious about Pluto. Buckley  James Juv 523.482 B92
Forces  Diehn  Andi Juv 531.6 D55
Sound  Lawrence  Ellen Juv 534 L41
The science of music  McCarthy  Cecilia Pinto Juv 534 M12
Ultimate oceanpedia : the most complete ocean reference ever  Wilsdon  Christina Juv 551.46 W74
Famous rocks  Lawrence  Ellen Juv 552 L41
Rock collecting for kids : an introduction to geology  Lynch  Dan R. Juv 552 L98
Dinosaurs : a visual encyclopedia. Juv 567.9 D58
Luna moth  Merwin  E. Juv 595.78 M57
Sharks : nature's perfect hunter  Flood  Joe (Illustrator) Juv 597.3 F63 GRAPHIC
Owls  Hamilton  Sue L. Juv 598.97 H22
The hyena scientist  Montgomery  Sy Juv 599.743 M78
Tigers  Janes  Patricia Juv 599.756 J33
Camp Panda : helping cubs return to the wild  Thimmesh  Catherine Juv 599.789 T44
Inside the ears  Halvorson  Karin Juv 612.85 H19
Self-driving cars  Zuchora-Walske  Christine Juv 629.222 Z94
Amazing brick mosaics : fantastic projects to build with Lego blocks Brack  Amanda Juv 688.7 B79
Avengers : the greatest heroes. Dougall  Alastair Juv 741.59 D73
Learn to draw Angry Birds. Juv 743 L43
Super simple Earth Day activities : fun and easy holiday projects for kids  Borgert-Spaniol  Megan Juv 745.594162 B73
Incredibles 2 : the official guide  Jones  Matt (Editor) Juv 791.4372 J78
Star Wars encyclopedia of starfighters and other vehicles  Walker  Landry Q. (Landry Quinn) Juv 791.4375 W18s
My first book of lacrosse  Bugler  Beth Juv 796.347 B93
The baseball fanbook  Gramling  Gary Juv 796.357 G74
WWE : absolutely everything you need to know  Pantaleo  Steve Juv 796.812 P19a
Who is the Dalai Lama?  Rau  Dana Meachen Juv 92 DALAI LAMA
Who is Aretha Franklin?  Medina  Nico Juv 92 FRANKLIN Aretha
Henry John Heinz : ketchup developer  Hudak  Heather C. Juv 92 HEINZ Henry John
George Lucas : filmmaker & creator of Star Wars  Hansen  Grace Juv 92 LUCAS George
They lost their heads! : what happened to Washington's teeth, Einstein's brain Beccia  Carlyn Juv 920.02 B38
Guide to genealogy  Resler  Tamara J. Juv 929 R43
Living in ... Russia  Burton  Jesse Juv 947 B97
Children's DVDs
Dino Dan - The Complete Series  Juv DVD Dino Dan Complete Series
Early man  Juv DVD Early Man
Meari to majo no hana;"Mary and the witch's flower" Juv DVD Mary and the Witch's Flower
PAW patrol . Selections.;"PAW patrol. Summer rescues Juv DVD Paw Patrol
Peter Rabbit Juv DVD Peter Rabbit
Z-O-M-B-I-E-S Juv DVD Zombies
Paddington 2 Juv DVD/BLU-RAY Paddington 2
Children's AV
Disney junior music dance party  Juv MUSIC CD Disney Junior Music
Nursery rhymes 2  Wiggles   performer. Juv MUSIC CD Wiggles
Ballads for the age of science. Selections;"Zoom a little zoom Singer  Louis C. Juv MUSIC CD Zoom A Little Zoom
Incredibles 2  : read-along storybook and CD  Scollon  Bill Juv CD KIT Dis