New Materials - Children   September 2017
Toddler (Board Books)
Daniel loves fall   Natalie Shaw Juv Tot Dan
My first Halloween   Sara (Sara F.) Miller Juv Tot Dis
Good night books   Adam Gamble Juv Tot Gam
Five black cats   Patricia Hegarty Juv Tot Heg
I'm scared!   Jennifer L. Holm Juv Tot Hol
Flora and the ostrich : an opposites book   Molly Schaar Idle Juv Tot Idl
Peek-a moo!  Nina Laden Juv Tot Lad
On the go with Mother Goose  Juv Tot On
Curious George's day at the farm.  Hena Khan Juv Tot Rey
An African alphabet   Eric Walters Juv Tot Wal
Picture Books
I love you like a pig   Mac Barnett Juv Pict Bar
Monkey : not ready for bedtime   Marc Tolon Brown Juv Pict Bro
Rock-a-bye baby   Jane Cabrera Juv Pict Cab
The adventures of Honey & Leon   Alan Cumming Juv Pict Cum
Little Elliot, fall friends   Mike Curato Juv Pict Cur
Old MacDino had a farm   Becky Davies Juv Pict Dav
BB-8 on the run   Drew Daywalt Juv Pict Day
Out of this world   James Dean Juv Pict Dea (pap)
Winnie the Pooh 5-minute stories. Juv Pict Dis
Scary storybook collection. Juv Pict Dis
Firefighter duckies!   Frank W Dormer Juv Pict Dor
Baabwaa & Wooliam   David Elliott Juv Pict Ell
La princesa and the pea   Susan Middleton Elya Juv Pict Ely
Curious cares of bears.  Douglas Florian Juv Pict Flo
Give me back my book!  Travis Foster Juv Pict Fos
Pug & Pig trick-or-treat   Sue Lowell Gallion Juv Pict Gal
Do not take your dragon to dinner.  Julie Gassman Juv Pict Gas
The Poky little puppy and friends. Juv Pict GOLDEN
Halloween good night.  Rebecca Grabill Juv Pict Gra
Little i   Michael Hall Juv Pict Hal
Billy Bloo is stuck in goo   Jennifer Hamburg Juv Pict Ham
Salam alaikum   1997- author. Harris J Juv Pict Har
In the middle of fall   Kevin Henkes Juv Pict Hen
On the night of the shooting star   Amy Hest Juv Pict Hes
Duck & Goose, honk! quack! boo!   Tad Hills Juv Pict Hil
The bad seed   Jory John Juv Pict Joh
Monster trucks   Joy Keller Juv Pict Kel
A cooked-up fairy tale   Penny Parker Klostermann Juv Pict Klo
Most people   Michael Leannah Juv Pict Lea
The Joker's big break   Michael Petranek Juv Pict Lego (pap)
High-tech ninja heroes   Michael Petranek Juv Pict Lego (pap)
The 12 days of Halloween   Jenna Lettice Juv Pict Let (pap)
I hug   David McPhail Juv Pict McPha
Nothing rhymes with [orange]   Adam Rex Juv Pict Rex
Uni the unicorn and the dream come true   Amy Krouse Rosenthal Juv Pict Ros
Hello autumn!   Shelley Rotner Juv Pict Rot
Herbert's first Halloween   Cynthia Rylant Juv Pict Ryl
Full of fall   April Pulley Sayre Juv Pict Say
The scariest book ever   Bob Shea Juv Pict She
The book of gold   Bob Staake Juv Pict Sta
Mary McScary   R. L. Stine Juv Pict Sti
Dreamworks Trolls : happy Troll-o-ween!   Mary Man-Kong Juv Pict Tro (pap)
And so it goes.  Paloma Valdivia Juv Pict Val
ABCs from space : a discovered alphabet   Adam Voiland Juv Pict Voi ABC 123
Go go gorillas : a romping bedtime tale   Patrick Wensink Juv Pict Wen
Your pal Mo Willems presents Sam, the most scaredy-cat kid in the whole world   Mo Willems Juv Pict Wil
Hedgehugs : autumn hide-and-squeak   Steve Wilson Juv Pict Wil
The night before Halloween   Natasha. Wing Juv Pict Win (pap)
Hooray for books!   Brian Won Juv Pict Won
Easy Readers
Pig & Goose and the first day of spring   Rebecca Bond Juv Easy Bon
Dooby dooby moo   Doreen Cronin Juv Easy Cro (pap)
Pete the cat and the lost tooth   James Dean Juv Easy Dea
Autumn festival fun   Tina Gallo Juv Easy Gal (pap)
All about bats   Caryn Jenner Juv Easy Jen (pap)
Emergency! : a LEGO adventure in the real world. Juv Easy Lego (pap)
Lloyd : a hero's journey   Tracey West Juv Easy Lego (pap)
All aboard!   Sonia. Sander Juv Easy Lego (pap)
Look out below!   Michael Anthony Steele Juv Easy Lego (pap)
All hands on deck!   Marilyn. Easton Juv Easy Lego (pap)
Detective Chase McCain : stop that heist!   Trey King Juv Easy Lego (pap)
Ready for takeoff!   Sonia. Sander Juv Easy Lego (pap)
3, 2, 1, liftoff!   Sonia. Sander Juv Easy Lego (pap)
Fire in the forest!   Samantha. Brooke Juv Easy Lego (pap)
Fire truck to the rescue!   Sonia. Sander Juv Easy Lego (pap)
I see a cat   Paul Meisel Juv Easy Mei
Penny Lane   Cari Meister Juv Easy Mei (pap)
JoJo and Daddy bake a cake   Jane O'Connor Juv Easy O'Con
Owlette and the giving owl   Daphne Pendergrass Juv Easy Pen (pap)
Princess Peppa and the royal ball   Courtney Carbone Juv Easy Pep (pap)
Have no fear! Halloween is here!   Tish Rabe Juv Easy Rab (pap)
Cooking with the Grinch   Tish Rabe Juv Easy Rab (pap)
In a dark, dark room and other scary stories   Alvin Schwartz Juv Easy Sch (pap)
Tous a l'école. English;"Off to school!  Peyo. Juv Easy Smu (pap)
Brave Batgirl!   Christy Webster Juv Easy Sup (pap)
There's a pest in the garden!   Jan Thomas Juv Easy Tho
Old racers, new racers   Mary Tillworth Juv Easy Til (pap)
Beginning Chapter Books
The scaredy cat   Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen Juv BC Bar
The bad guys in attack of the zittens   Aaron Blabey Juv BC Bla
Dragons and marshmallows   Asia Citro Juv BC Cit
Jasmine's new rules   Suzanne  Francis Juv BC Dis
The princess in black and the mysterious playdate   Shannon Hale Juv BC Hal
Judy Moody, Tooth Fairy   Megan McDonald Juv BC McDon
Juvenile Fiction (Middle Readers)
Growing up with aloha   Kirby Larson Juv Fic Ame
According to Aggie   Mary Richards Beaumont Juv Fic Ame GRAPHIC
The tiny hero of Ferny Creek library   Linda Bailey Juv Fic Bai
Lucy & Andy Neanderthal. The stone cold age   Jeffrey Brown Juv Fic Bro GRAPHIC
Girls who code: the friendship code   Stacia Deutsch Juv Fic Deu
A true home   K. (Kallie) George Juv Fic Geo
Mighty Jack and the goblin king   Ben Hatke Juv Fic Hat GRAPHIC
The night garden   Polly Horvath Juv Fic Hor
The Lego Ninjago movie : junior novelization   Kate Howard Juv Fic Lego
A wrinkle in time trilogy   Madeleine. L'Engle Juv Fic L'Eng
Lone stars   Mike Lupica Juv Fic Lup
Just dance   Patricia MacLachlan Juv Fic MacLac
The exact location of home   Kate Messner Juv Fic Mes
In the deep blue sea   Bill Nye Juv Fic Nye
The first rule of punk   Celia C. Perez Juv Fic Perez
Wonder   R. J. Palacio Juv Fic Pal
Laugh out loud   James Patterson Juv Fic Pat
Big Nate (Comic strip) Selections;"Big Nate. A good old-fashioned wedgie   Lincoln Peirce Juv Fic Pei GRAPHIC
Dog Man : a tale of two kitties   Dav Pilkey Juv Fic Pil GRAPHIC
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix   J. K. Rowling Juv Fic Row
Katie starting from scratch   Coco Simon Juv Fic Sim
The wide window   Lemony Snicket Juv Fic Sni
I survived the American Revolution, 1776   Lauren Tarshis Juv Fic Tar
Chidlren's Non-Fiction
Digital world : how to connect, share, play, and keep yourself safe   Carrie Anton Juv 004.67 A63
Get coding! : learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and build a website, app, and game   author. Young Rewired State (Organization) Juv 005.13 Y75
Bet you didn't know! : fascinating, far-out, fun-tastic facts. Juv 031.02 B56
Ripley's believe it or not! : out of this world edition 2018. Juv 031.02 R58o
Birthdays around the world   Margriet Ruurs Juv 394.2 R98
Older than dirt : a kinda-sorta biography of Earth   Don Brown Juv 551.7 B87 GRAPHIC
How to be an elephant : growing up in the African wild   Katherine Roy Juv 599.67 R88
Engineered! : engineering design at work   Shannon  Hunt Juv 620 H94
Karina Garcia's DIY slime   Karina Garcia Juv 620.1 G21
The gross cookbook   Susanna Tee Juv 641.5 T25
American Girl breakfast & brunch  Juv 641.52 A51
LEGO : absolutely everything you need to know   Simon Hugo Juv 688.7 H89a
Fidget spinner tricks, hacks & mods : amaze your friends with spectacular spinner secrets!  Cara J. Stevens Juv 790.133 S84
Ready, set, play!   Stephen Ashby Juv 794.8 A82
Here come the Harlem Globetrotters   Larry Dobrow Juv 796.323 D63
The football fanbook   Gary Gramling Juv 796.332 G74
Read! read! read!   Amy Ludwig VanDerwater Juv 811 V24
DC super friends joke book   George Carmona Juv 818 C28
Dangerous Jane   Suzanne Slade Juv 92 ADDAMS Jane
Big machines : the story of Virginia Lee Burton    Sherri Duskey Rinker Juv 92 BURTON Virginia
Who was Alexander Hamilton?   Pam Pollack Juv 92 HAMILTON Alex
42 is not just a number : the odyssey of Jackie Robinson, American hero   Doreen Rappaport Juv 92 ROBINSON Jackie
American Gothic : the life of Grant Wood   Susan Wood Juv 92 WOOD Grant
Explorers, presidents, and toilets   Dan Gutman Juv 973 G98
Where is the Mississippi River?   Dina Anastasio Juv 977 A53
Where is Easter Island?   Megan Stine Juv 996.1 S95
Blaze and the monster machines. Wild wheels! escape to Animal Island  Juv DVD Blaze and the M
Captain Underpants: the first epic movie Juv DVD Captain Underp
Curious George. Spooky fun Juv DVD Curious George
Daniel Tiger's neighborhood. King Daniel for the day  Juv DVD Daniel Tiger's 
It's potty time  Juv DVD Daniel Tiger's 
Happy holidays, Garfield Juv DVD Garfield
Little Wolf's book of badness Juv DVD Little Wolf's B
Mouse and Mole at Christmas time  Juv DVD Mouse and Mole
Odd squad. Odd squad villains, the best of the worst  Juv DVD Odd Squad
PAW patrol. The great pirate rescue!   Juv DVD Paw Patrol
Swallows and Amazons  Juv DVD Swallows and 
The lion king  Juv DVD/BLU-RAY Lion
Children's Music CDs
Children's Christmas sing-alongs  Juv MUSIC CD Children's
Disney's princess Christmas album  Juv MUSIC CD Disney's 
The dance remixes  Laurie Berkner Juv MUSIC CD Laurie