New YA/Teen   Dec. 2016
Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the marvelous land of Oz. Baum  L. Frank YA Fic Bau
Everyone we've been  Everett  Sarah YA Fic Eve
The battle of Hackham Heath  Flanagan  John YA Fic Fla
Rogue. Frost  Mark YA Fic Fro
Whatever  Goslee  S. J. YA Fic Gos
Spindle  Johnston  E. K. YA Fic Joh
Learning to swear in America  Kennedy  Katie YA Fic Ken
Running for water and sky  Kring  Sandra YA Fic Kri
Lumberjanes. Volume 4, Out of time  YA Fic Lum GRAPHIC
Lumberjanes. Vol. 5, Band together  YA Fic Lum GRAPHIC
Fear the drowning deep. Marsh  Sarah Glenn YA Fic Mar
Did I mention I miss you? Maskame  Estelle YA Fic Mas
Assassination classroom, Vol. 4, 5 & 6 Matsui Y YA Fic Mat GRAPHIC
I'm not your manic pixie dream girl  McNeil  Gretchen YA Fic McNei
One-punch man, Vol. 1 & 2 ONE YA Fic One GRAPHIC
Fairy tail : twin dragons of Saber Tooth  Shibano  Kyouta YA Fic Shi GRAPHIC
Star Wars Poe Dameron. Vol. 1, Black Squadron  YA Fic Star GRAPHIC
Twin star exorcists : onmyoji  Sukeno  Yoshiaki YA Fic Suk GRAPHIC
Traveler. Weisman  Greg YA Fic Wei
In the shadow of Liberty : the hidden history of slavery, four presidents, and five black lives  Davis  Kenneth C. YA 306.362 D26
March. Book three  Lewis  John YA 323.1 L67 GRAPHIC
Chemistry : investigate the matter that makes up your world. Mooney  Carla YA 540 M81
History of humankind : the doctor's official guide. Richards  Justin YA 791.45 R51
Assassin's Creed : a walk through history (1189-1868) : a visual guide  Barba  Rick YA 794.8 B22
Game on! : video game history from Pong and Pac-Man to Mario, Minecraft, and more  Hansen  Dustin YA 794.8 H24
Ralph Munn creative writing anthology, 2016  YA 810 R16 2016
Coco Chanel. Alkayat  Zena YA 92 CHANEL Coco
Frida Kahlo. Alkayat  Zena YA 92 KAHLO Frida
Sabotage : the mission to destroy Hitler's atomic bomb  Bascomb  Neal YA 940.54 B29
Uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa. Steele  Philip YA 956.054 S81
Terrible but true : awful events in American history  Williams  Dinah  YA 973 W72