Circulation Rules and Fines for Pleasant Hills Items



*DVDs and the most CURRENT ISSUE of magazine subscriptions: 1 week

  Exception: DVDs longer than 300 minutes/5 hours have a 3 week loan period


*ALL other ITEMS circulate for 3 weeks

Exception: Some unique items, usually bestselling books or DVDs, borrowed from other libraries may follow the owning libraries’ loan periods, depending on the loan rules.



*Only 5 Pleasant Hills-owned adult DVDs may be checked out on one card at one time

No limit on children’s DVDs from downstairs, but patrons are responsible for all items borrowed on library card accounts.


*For new library card registrations, all patrons 17 years old and younger must have a parent/legal guardian sign the registration form. The Library does not act in loco parentis and parents/legal guardians are responsible for materials borrowed on juvenile cards. The Library assumes NO responsibility for which items are checked out by juveniles or the content of such items.



Please remember that overdue fees & charges benefit our Library! 

These funds go into the annual budget to pay for new items & overhead costs of the Library.


ADULT/TEEN (YA) ITEMS: 25¢ per item per day

(All books, magazines, books-on-CD, music CDs, Great Courses kits)

CHILDREN’S ITEMS: 10¢ per item per day

(All juvenile books, magazines, puzzles, kits, books-on-CD, and other juvenile items)

ALL (ADULT & JUVENILE) DVDs: 50¢ per item per day


Fines are charged when items are late, including days that the library is closed.  Items placed in the book drop when the Library is closed are backdated to the last day the Library was open to the public.  Items must be in book drop before the Library opens for the day to be backdated.  


Unless there are other patrons waiting for the items, most items can be renewed:

1.) Either in person at the Library

2.) By calling the Library 412-655-2424 during open hours

3.) Online through the online catalog at “My Account”

4.) By automated phone renewal 412-622-1895

To renew by phone you will need: your library card number and the barcode(s) of any items you wish to renew.  Whether you select to renew all items or specific items,

please do not hang up until the system confirms your renewal(s).

Listen carefully to the entire message before hanging up.


Patrons may renew overdue items online and via phone- exceptions being if item is on a hold by another patron or has been renewed twice. The system will log the fine/late fee difference between the due date and the renewal day.


Pleasant Hills-owned items can be renewed a maximum of two times to ensure that the items are available to other patrons. 

Exception: New/current issues of popular magazine titles CANNOT be renewed


FINES over $2.00 can be paid online with a credit card by going into “My Account” online through the Library’s web site.  A PIN number must be created to access a library card account online. Follow the instructions given on the screen.  Library staff do not have access to PIN numbers.


Pleasant Hills Library FINE THRESHHOLD IS $5.00

If a Pleasant Hills registered library card account has over $5 in fines/fees, the card cannot be used to borrow items or to access the public Internet computers.



For those patrons that visit more than one library in the county, please remember that FINES and LOAN PERIODS follow the POINT-OF-CIRCULATION library’s policies.

This means that items checked out at Pleasant Hills Library follow Pleasant Hills policies regardless of where the items are returned; items checked-out at other libraries (such as a neighboring library or a Carnegie Library) but returned at Pleasant Hills Library will follow the loan and fine policies of the library where the items were originally checked out.  There may be some item types that are an exception.



-For Pleasant Hills-owned items: The patron is responsible for all items borrowed on his/her library card and will be charged the retail price of the lost or damaged item plus a $5.00 processing fee, which pays for processing materials of the new item. No refunds will be given. All fees collected benefit the library and go to replacing, if possible, the lost or damaged materials or to purchase a similar item. 


For Pleasant Hills audiovisual items and other library items with more than one piece:  Cases/bags/coverings must be returned with all items.  Items that are missing CDs, cases, or other pieces will not be checked in and taken off borrowers’ library card accounts until all pieces are either returned or fees paid.  If the cases/bags/coverings are not returned, but all the pieces of the CDs/kits are returned, there will be a $5 replacement fee assessed to replace the case/bag/covering.  If any of the pieces of the CDs/kits are missing, the retail price of the item plus a $5.00 replacement fee will be charged.


-For items owned by other libraries: The patron is responsible for all items borrowed on his/her library card and will be charged the price as listed in the library catalog plus a $5.00 processing fee. Checks must be written out to the owning library.  For any issues regarding items owned by other libraries, the owning library needs to be contacted.


PLEASE NOTE: Although a library card can be used at any county library and items can be delivered & returned to any library, each individual library sets its own policies. If requesting materials through the system, please remember that the owning library may have different policies than Pleasant Hills Public Library. Each library also establishes its own policies for computer use, library card registration information, fines, loan periods, and in-house policies.


Revised 5-18-2106