Barton, Robert

Mr. & Mrs. John Mitchell

Lincoln: the Biography of a Writer

92 L73k

American Legion Post 712

A. Lincoln: a biography

92 W73wh

Boyle, Ronald F.

American Legion Post 712

World War II: the Difinitive Visual History

q940.54 W92

Cadwell, Pat

Barbara V. Smith

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

q745.5 M37 CRAFTS

William R. Cadwell

Decou, Samuel S.

American Legion Post 712

The Last Founding Father

92 M753u

DePoe, Oliver

The Milas Family

Apollo: through the Eyes of the Astronauts

q629.45 A64

Duker, Jonathan

Mrs. Bobbie Duker

The People of Beth Israel Center: Fifty Years

Ref 296.09 B94 PGH

Grigsby, Robert

Jeannie DeArmond

Hands of My Father

92 U31

Gunning, Ruth (Parker)

Patricia Huston

Gastrokid Cookbook

641.5 G24

Hipchen, Elmer R

American Legion Post 712

Lincoln, Life Size

92 L73kunh

Kelly, Dorothy

Tom & Donna Watson and Family

Lion Book of Wisdom Stories from Around the World

Juv 398 S46

Kissinger, Donald W

American Legion Post 712

Off the Tourist Trail

q910.202 O32 TRAVEL

Kueser, Jane

George & Sylvia Gill

Tall Perennials

635.932 T95 KEEFER

Pleasant Hills Garden Club

Designing by Types

qRef 745.92 D45 KEEFER

Kueser, Paul E

American Legion Post 712

Real History of the Cold War

909.82 A96

Lowenstein, Dorothy

Monica & George Stoicovy

Chris Stoicovy & Family

Jason Ruscitto Family

Miller, Edward G.

Jeannie DeArmond

Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure

92 T867a

Murtaugh, Pearl

The Milas Family

Back of the Box Cooking

q641.55 B12

Polick, Nancy

Lonnie LaBate

What the World Eats

Juv 641.3 D15

Rolla, Tabitha

The Flaus Family

The Find: the Housing Works Book of Decorating

747 W72

Sacco, Emil

American Legion Post 712

Yalta: The Price of Peace

940.53 P72

Scott, Althea

Patti Page

The Nine Lives of Clemenza


Spinda, Susan

Suzanne Burke

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides - Italy 2007

914.5 E29 2007 TRAVEL

Walker, Charles E

American Legion Post 712

Majestic Twelve

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Wiegel, Betty

Prudence Bickel

Jane Kudej

How Lincoln Learned to Read

370.973 W85

Jane Kudej

Taste of Home Healthy Cooking: annual recipes 2009

q641.563 T21 2009

Jane Kudej

New Encyclopedia of Daylillies

635.93432 P48 KEEFER

Yoest, Harold C

The Flaus Family

The Digital Photography Book: Vol. 3

775 K29

Young, David

The Young Family

Holly Ferkett & Family


q910.222 E12

Gretchen Fuller

Norman Rockwell Behind the Camera

Irene Lanks

Michael, Sam, & Riley

Mission Control, this Is Apollo

qJuv 629.45 C43

The Milas Family

Top Ten of Everything

q031.02 A81

Pleasant Hills Library Staff

Food Journeys of a Lifetime

q910.202 F68