Names will be added to the Library's memorial plaque being installed in 2010



Amuso, Teresa

Thomas and Joan Phillips, Ken Wagner, Guy & Judy Amuso, Norma Bluestone, Souderton Area Education Association , staff of the Souderton Area School District Administration Office, Teresa Hurley, L Robert Kimball & Assoc., Maggie Amuso, Gerald Hardman, Sylvester & Kay Kukich, Ryann Gombeda


Chamberlin, John F

Friends at CMU (Ronna Puskar, John Zamperini), Robert T Thomas, South East High School Sports Boosters, David & Jeanie Woncheck, The Milas Family


D’Orazio, Laverne

Pharmacy Staff at CVS Pharmacy (Mark, Lisa, Chris, Heidi, Alicia,

Linda V., Roman, Bryan), Mark, Rhonda, Chris and Sara Oczypok, Sarah Bickerton and Amanda Bock, Employees of CVS Pharmacy, Al & Kathy George, Rosemary Kouche, Susan Pearl, Victoria Khalil, The Neighbors of Woodland Drive, The Rayburn Family






Amuso, Teresa

Ryann Gombeda

Berenstain Bears Sick Day

The Bear Detectives

Juv Pict Ber

Juv Easy Ber

Ankney, Evelyn

Eric, Linda, Makayla, Rachel, Emily Rothey

Garden Bouquets and Beyond

745.92 B18 Keefer


Bauerle, Agnes “Sweetie”


The Milas Family


Grandma’s Smile


Juv Pict Sie

Cadwell, Patricia

William Cadwell

Barbara Y. Smith

Seasonal Fruit Desserts

641.86 M18

Carpenter, Edward

The Capelli Family

The Long Way Home

940.4 L34

Marian & Bob Dondero

Flight From Monticello

973.4 K89

International Bros of Electrical Workers

To Hell On A Fast Horse

364.15 G22

Rent-A-Center, Inc.

Vegetable Gardeners Bible

635 S64 Keefer

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Schindehette

My Garden

Juv Pict Hen

DiPietro, Mary

Mary and Eileen Julian

Cook Up A Feast

642.4 B53

Ferguson, Jane

Dorothy Kuzmich

Otto: the autobiography of a teddy bear

q Juv 940.5 U57

Gennaula, Dr. Charles

Virginia Haddad

Mayo Clinic Book of Home Remedies 613 M476

Giegerich, Paul

Larry and Arlene Schilling

The USA Book: a Journey Through America

q917.304 U84

Green, Scott Pleasant Hills Library Writers' Group

Haynes, N Wesley

Jayme Bauer, Robyne Hinson, Mary Mewha

Bomber Country 821.914 S97

Hirt, Richard

Olga Bernardi

Pittsburgh Steelers

Juv 796.332 R66

Orris, Freda

The Milas Family

Bloom’s Best

635.932 B65 Keefer

Rush, Kayla

Joanna Heywood   Mrs. Donna Watson        

Leo the Snow Leopard

How Animals Work

Juv 599.75 H36

q Juv 591 B96

Senich, Loretta

Francine, Mark & Matt Morrison

Ready for Dessert

641.86 L44

Timko, Dennis

The Milas Family

My Life with Charlie Brown

92 S48m

Williams, Ernest D.

The Milas Family

Big Ernie’s New Home

Juv Pict Mar

Witkowski, Anna M

Dr. Robert Witkowski

The Robert Haag Collection of Meteorites

523.5 H11

Young, David

Louis & Joan Bott and Family

Miller’s 20th Century Design

q747 M64