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Julian, Lillian k

ACLA, George and Pauline Alahouzos, Christy Andromalos, Georgette Ayres, Sara Behary, Paul Bekavac, The Belack Family, Evelyn Berger, Frank Billy, Sue Bonello, Mr and Mrs W Bourgeois, Dee Brenner, Mr and Mrs R. Cavalier and Family, Kelly, Steve, Logan Cherepko, Perry and Paula Contini & Daughters, Rich D., Mr and Mrs J DiPietro, Henry Drnach, Holly Ferkett, Bob and Mary Ann Ferrare/Celeste Farison, Mr and Mrs J Flanigan, John Friday, Joe and Kathleen Geletko, Giant Eagle (Donaldsons Crossroads) Staff, Jim and Adrianne Gori, The Grmusa Family, Mr and Mrs R Hafner, Beth Henderson & Family, Denise Ignasky, Scott and Linda Jones, Mr and Mrs A. Julian, Aunt Ellen, Paul, and Jo Ann Julian, Jan Julian & Family, Kris and Matt Julian, Thomas Julian, Mr and Mrs V. Julian, Paula Kelly, Mr. Kessler, The King Family, George Kosana, The Largman and Stotnick Families, Bob & Carol Lasich, Karen and Geno Maniago, Ed and Maryann Lucot, Dean and Tammy Maksin, John Mallozzi, Rose Milas, John and Betty Nalepke, Bryan Neft, Julie Cohen & Family, Lucille Nero, Leslie Pallotta, Pleasant Hills Library Board, Pleasant Hills Library Staff, Mr and Mrs Dominic Ripepi, The Rizzo Family, Patricia Listwak Saugrich, Ray and Ceci Sprites, The Swift Family, Lillian Tintor and Mother, Mr and Mrs G. Uremovich, George Uremovich and Family, Ron and Karen Vaccari, Judi Valvo, Mr and Mrs D Vozar, The Welton Family, Rosemary Willis, Marilyn Young, George Zdrale, Ruth Zofchak


Loose, Josephine

Judy Evans, John J. Loose


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Cadwell, Patricia B.

William R. Cadwell

Barbara Y. Smith



Stoops, Martha N

Claire and Albert Ertl








Ball, Steven BSA Troop 204 and BSA Pack 562 item selection in process
Marilyn M. Erwin Feathers 598.147 H25
Holly Ferkett Landscaping with Fruits 712.6 H14 Keefer
The Hahners item selection in process  
Sallie & Skip Kahler Elephant Whisperer 599.67 A62
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lessman Animal q590 A59
Chuck and Joyce Lewis Keeping Bees 638.1 E58
Blanche McManus Eat Greens 641.564 S43
Bauer, Brian Floyd and Jan Nevling item selection in process
Bette, Alex Annie Lee Pierce Civilization 909 F35
"Chops" (Porkchop) : Beloved dog of the Sally-Sweeney Family

The Powell Family

Rascal, a Dog and His Boy

Juv Fic Wells




Doering, John L.

Virginia Haddad and Family

The Heart and the Fist

359.9 G82




Flaus, Mary "Boots"

Bob Flaus & Family

Convincing Alex





Fritz, Jim

The Mapletons

Car: the Definitive Visual History

q629.222 C25




Gennaula, Dr. Charles

American Legion Post 712

Clockwork Universe

530.092 D66




Goode, Claude A

American Legion Post 712

Neptune's Inferno

940.54 H81

Graffam, Stephen The Milas Family Mr. and Mrs. Madison's War 973.52 H84
Frank Lucchino The Beauty and the Sorrow 940.3 E58
A Soldier's Sketchbook 940.54 F24
Library of Congress Illustrated Timeline of the Civil War q973.7 W13
Almost President 324.973 F24
A team for America 796.332 R64
Arthur Scanlon Family A Train in Winter 940.53 M82
Grmusa, Constance The Milas Family item selection in process
Helquist, Ina Jane Joe and Julie Kuchta Victorian Flower Dictionary 635.9 K59 Keefer
Helquist, Al and Ina Jane Lyndee Nelms and Virginia Reppart item selection in process





Hummon, Doris Lynne & Bob Bootay History of the World in 100 Objects 930.1 M14





Julian, Ellen & Jo Ann The Milas Family Lidia's Italy in America 641.5945 B32
Kirschman Sr., Albert Holly Ferkett Inferno: the World at War 940.54 H34
Kubit, Margaret Dr. Juan Carlos Lovelace The Country Cooking of Ireland 641.5941 A56





Linn, Jennie

Charlie & Linda Michaels

Anne of Green Gables (book and book-on-CD)

Juv Fic Mon/Juv CDB Mon

Lyle, Wes Dena, Matt and Collin Davis 100 Things You Should Know About Sharks Juv 597.3 P24
Virgin, Michael Floyd and Jan Nevling 100 Yards of Glory 796.332 G23

Young, Norman W

His Family

History of Britain & Ireland : the definitive visual guide q942 H67
Holly Ferkett Dream Routes of the World 910 D77 TRAVEL


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