Memorials  2013
Names added to memorial plaque in the Library: Presented by:
Sheran Burger American Legion Aux Unit 712
Rose & Joe Breen
Kay Shimer
Patti & Sheran Burger Holly Ferkett
Patti & Sheran Burger Lois Jackson
Fay Lilly Lisa & Scott Albrecht, Karen & Steve Bachor, Lori & Terry Voltz
Tracey Chain
Mary Finley
Friends at Paramount Senior Living
Elizabeth Herzberg
Frank & Patricia Komar
Jerry & Peg Lessmann
Julia Rege
David Shaw & Barbara Wagner
Ruth Ann Stevenson
Dessa and Joe Tripus
Paul and Karen Winkelvoss
Leslie & Timothy Zak 
Rosalind "Roz" Natelson Pleasant Hills Public Library Staff
Robert & Carolee Burack
Patsy and Karen Hatzimbes
Irving and Janet Selsley
Jeanne De Armond
Gary and Penny Cowell
The Conneally Family
Donna & Bob Lenker
Elliot & Beth Selsley
Walter & Laurie Bohlke
Al O'Brokta & Jan Zahurak
Friends from Bettis: Christine Harkness, Carol Bass, Anita Knabb, Kathryn Rector, Dianne Ruth, Nancy Persang, Susan Redfield, Laurie Rogers, Mary Ann Tumulty Yes, Chef 
Neighbors on Picture Drive:  Michael & Eileen Andreola, Dr. & Mrs. Larry Foulke, Mrs. Sandra Gooderham,  Mr. & Mrs. Walter Richard, Dr. & Mrs. Bill Walk, Mr. Rod Weiland
Ruth Rentschler Christen Damico and Family
Federated Investors
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Franklin
Linda Huffington
Tony & Eileen Krizmanich
Laura Leete
Hal & Lois Morris
Janice Murphy
Carol Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Don Shipman
Cheryl & John Stiver
Vee Streever
Roger & Pamela Wright
Nancy Metcalf Valle The Farrell Family
Laurie Jones
Rita Jordan
Tom & Vicky Jordan
Amy Lilly
Virginia Noceti
Teammates of Christian Valle at Naval Sea Systems Command
Her Grandchildren: Roberto Eric Valle & Monica Janine Valle Lewis and Clark on the Trail of Discovery: The Journey that Shaped America  (Book brought in for collection.)
Mary Ellen and Jack Wilson
Anne & Lou Woistman
Denver & Roberta Yingling
Dolores Zak
Jack Valvo Carole & Terese Capul
Jackie & Paul Grachen
Dottie Kutscher
Mark Julian
Vince & Nancy LeDonne
Anthony & Carrie Leske
Duane and Louise Lewis
Tim & Sandy Marcoveccio
The Milas Family
Thomas Rossi
Doug & Jill Saltzman and Family
Carl & Susan Stetar
James Stupar & Catherine Miller
Loretta Valvo
In Memory of: Presented by: Designation Bookplate:
Patricia Alberts Kathy Resch Mister Owita's Guide to Gardening
Logan Robert Baker Jeff and Kristy Brancolini ABCs of Baseball
Steven W. Ball Friends of Steven W. Ball Beatles vs. Stones
Essential Rock Guitar Techniques
The Gibson Les Paul Handbook
Tune In: The Beatles
Play Acoustic Guitar In Minutes
Mary Jane Betz Mark Julian & Family Exclamation Mark
Nancy Lo Bue Tom Julian Earth: The Definitive Guide
John Calgelia Jan Reschenthaler Those Angry Days : Roosevelt, Lindbergh, and America's fight over World War II, 1939-1941
Robert A. Cavalier, Sr. Tom Julian The Heart of Everything That Is
Robert A. Cavalier, Sr. The Julian Family: Marc, Sue, Brandon, & Leo Astoria
Paul Cosgrove Rob & Chris Cherevka  Little Ducklings
Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza
Runaway Wok
Zoe Gets Ready
Paul Cosgrove The Cherepko Family Grandma's Feather Bed
Mr. Jack Deeley The Michael Family: Joe, Nancy, Alan, Molly & Gene Law & Disorder
Mary A. Ferris Tom Julian Jane Austen's England
Clara Gardocki The Family of Clara Gardocki Evening Stars
Clara Gardocki Pleasant Hills Public Library Staff
Virginia Haddad Lynne & Bob Bootay and Glen The Secrets of Happy Families
Virginia Haddad Walter Gregory Paris Flea Market Style
Pittsburgh Mansions
George Haeck The Gawlas Family The Illustrated Encclopedia of Trees
George Haeck Marilynn J. Toth The Secret (DVD)
Karen Massari Mary Sue, Kari, Tom and Lori Caldwell Annie and Snowball and the Grandmother Night
Karen Massari EDW-EIA Department Highmark Cara's Book About Grandmothers
John D. Neel Marilyn and Jay Kuenzig Cool Kids Cook: Fresh and Fit
John D. Neel Mr. and Mrs. John Stiver Gettysburg: Turning Point of the Civil War
Kayla Rush Cynthia K. Richey Wild Animal Neighbors
    How Animals Think
Jack Russell Patsy and Karen Hatzimbes Revolutionary Summer
Dr. Regis V. Shalley Dena Davis Octopus's Garden
Donald "Dink" Slivan Highmark E.I.A. Department
Donald "Dink" Slivan The Caldwell Family
George F. Uremovich Eileen Julian Tales From the Pittsburgh Steelers Sideline
Myrtle Vermeolen Deac & Joanne Dressing Souvenir Nation
Longest Road
Donald E. Vozar Lynne & Bob Bootay
Donald E. Vozar Mark Julian & Family
Donald E. Vozar Mr. and Mrs. John Stiver Smithsonian's History of America in 100 Objects
IN REMEMBERANCE of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy Carol and Bob Flaus & Family A City Through Time
Every Day After
Pinch & Dan and the Terrible Couch
Mustache Baby