Memorials  2014

In Memory of:

Presented by:

Michael T. Ackman

Beth A. Palyo

Art of Adventure
Rebecca Hope Brodbeck The Milas Family  

Patricia B. Cadwell

William R. Cadwell

Ina Garten: Make It Ahead

Charles H. Corbett

Kathy Hummon

City of Steel

Charles H. Corbett

Dorothy Ingersoll

Train: the Definitive Visual History

Audrey J. Harmon

Jeanne De Armond

Love Bake Nourish

Rosemary McCullough

Kathy Hummon

So We Read On
William Mills Harry and Laura Ingram World's Best Cities : Celebrating 220 Great Destinations

Donald P. Minch

The Powell Family & The Manculich Family

The Total Fishing Manual

Helen R. Monito 

The Milas Family

Make It Ahead : a Barefoot Contessa Cookbook


Theresa Paoletti

The Milas Family

Italian Vegetable Cookbook

Fred W. Pegher

Vee Streever

The Innovators
Rebecca Peterson Anne W. Hand and nieces Jane, Tobi & Mary By the Book : Writers on Literature and the Literary Life

Bill Petras 

Vee Streever 

Always A Home Game 


John Ridosh

Johnathan & Sarah Devader

Adventures with Jonny: Let's Go Fishing

Sharon E. Ruffing

Vee Streever

Della Fattoria Bread

Marilyn Ryan

Desi DeSimone

A Letter to My Cat

Eleanor Sanders

Marilyn Young

Mystery Writers of America Cookbook

Eleanor Sanders

Lois Jackson

Mastering Golf's Mental Game
Eleanor Sanders Holly Ferkett Little Book of Book Making

Fern Santel

Carol Walsh

Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

Lynn Stevenson 

The Milas Family 

Christmas with Southern Living 2014 


Margaret (Peggy) Sullivan

The Nissley Family

Twelve Recipes

Larry Vargo

Rich & Marian Redlinger

Striking Gridiron

Timothy Vrabel

Clare Vrabel Martin

See San Francisco
Joseph Warhola Warhola Family Among Heroes

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Presented by:

Christopher Connelly, Jr.

Helen Demeranville & Carl Ginsburg

Patrick Farrelly & Kate O'Callaghan

James Matthews


Julia Rose