Memorials  2015

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Ned Barbarich Deer Park Dr. W Neighbors
  Vikki D'Orazio
  Sharon King & Family
  Renee & Thomas Skoff
  Melanie Stepanovich
  Holly Yerace

Eleanor Jean Hannon

Marge Battle

  Jeannie De Armond

Employees of Allen & Shariff



Nancy Kowalski


Jean H. Masco



James Meyer Family



Diane E. Moss


Monica Stoicovy and Chris Stoicovy Family



Regis & Barbara Ward


Sophie, Wes, Landon, & Kaydin Whitenton




Mary Lou Hovis Ed & Irene Brungraber
  Carpenter's Combined Funds Inc.
  Daniel & Doreen Clarkson
  Nancy Douglas & Phyllis Gallatin
  Deborah L. Duff
  Michelle and Joshua Forman
  Friends at Chartwell, Mike McCloskey and John Andress
  Lou & Cindy Gilberti
  Beth and Jim Hakemoller
  Heavy Construction Carpenters Local Union #2274
  John K. Maitland
  Mary Niecgorski
  Susan Norwood
  Stephen J. O'Brien & Associates
  Dawn and Paul Simpson
  Lucy Thatcher
  Barbara C. Tudas
  Ray Vogel
  Janet Wilson
  Lynn and Scott Wilson
Theodore P. Lorence Pleasant Hills Library Staff
  Carol Cooke
  Linda W. Smith
  Neighbors on Columbia Drive:
  Shelley & Sean Bishop
  Sarah Bradshaw
  Pam Ferkett & Bob Mulvihill
  Alice & Bernie Klisavage
  Barbara & Wayne Patterson
  Linda Smith
Catherine R. Schaffer Susan Dalla Betta
  Jeanne Graff
  Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas K. Long
  Lynn J. McGuire
  Marlene A Petro
  Pleasant Hills Library Staff
  Kathleen H. Ramassini
  Isabelle Shatlock

Dale Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Andy Deutsch

Laura and Elliot Dinkin

Rinny and Nancy Fugh & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Leo J. Mueller, Jr.


Tom & Sharron Mueller



  Debbie Roesch & Lillian Lawlor
Mary Lou Ross






In Memory of:

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Beulah Whiteman Bayles

Mrs. William N. Mills


Robert S. Bootay, Jr.

Clyde & Sandy Chittister

Hemingway's Paris
Robert S. Bootay, Jr. Janan & Larry Frey Live It Again 1945

Robert S. Bootay, Jr.

Kathy Hummon

World War II: the Definitive Visual History

Robert S. Bootay, Jr.

Blanche C. McManus

81 Days Below Zero

Robert S. Bootay, Jr.

Blanche C. McManus

The Fault Line: Travelling the Other Europe from Finland to Ukraine

Robert S. Bootay, Jr.

Leona Vozar

Wright Brothers
Patricia B. Cadwell William R. Cadwell
Helen McRoy Delaware Tom Julian

When You Are Old (Yeats)

Mary Finley

Pleasant Hills Garden Club

Herbs & Spices: the Cook's Reference

Joan Glickstein Howard and Carol Lang Voracious: A hungry reader cooks her way through great books
Justin Hay Shirley Gealy & Family Chess set for public use
Frances Hess Des and Beth Ballroom Dance & Glamour
George Mackulin Vee Streever  
Karin Magnus Tom Julian Grains as Mains

Peggy McPherson

Jan Reschenthaler


Robert Nesmith

Arthur Scanlon Family

Becky Peterson Pleasant Hills Garden Club Herbs & Spices: the Cook's Reference
Michele Reed June Kerecman & Jane Miller In Grandma's Arms
Patricia Rizzo The Milas Family Artists and Their Cats
Jeffrey John Rusko Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Michael & Family  
Milliana Sticco Jeannie De Armond  
David and Norman Young Marilyn Young Tabletop globe