Memorials  2019


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Edward J. Arnold

Jeannie De Armond

The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs

Regis F. Brown

Monica Stoicovy, Chris Stoicovy Family, & Jason Ruscitto Family

Hell with the Lid Off

Cindy (Schaude) Buckley

Robert & Carol Flaus

Encyclopedia of the American Indian/The Arctic Fox's Journey
Patricia B. Cadwell William R. Cadwell The Lost Gutenberg

Margaret Caldwell

Catherine Pusateri

Thick as Theives (audiobook)
Stephen Cherepko The Milas Family For the Good of the Game
Janet Cooley Scott & Cheryl Sirianni The Story of Painting
Janet Cooley Scott & Patsy Carey and Family Queens of Animation
Janey Cooley Earle & Pam Wooding A is for Archive
Janet Cooley Patti Abraham The Giant Carrot

Dorothy Gealy

Pleasant Hills Library Staff

How to Raise a Reader

Carolyn Graffam

The Arthur Scanlon Family

A Game of Birds and Wolves

Carolyn Graffam

Patsy & Karen Hatzimbes

Emily Dickinson's Gardening Life

Carolyn Graffam

The Reschenthaler Family

Author in Chief

A. George Kohl

Pleasant Hills Library Staff


Patrick B. Mon Pere Sr.

Tom Julian


Frank Monastiere

Joe & Debbie Iannuzzi

Haute Dogs

Michael Murphy

Jeannie De Armond

A Polar Affair
Michael Murphy Patsy & Karen Hatzimbes One Day
Doris Nissley Scott & Cheryl Sirianni My Life in a Cat House

Jack Richard

Patsy & Karen Hatzimbes

The Memory Code
William Slater Pleasant Hills Library Staff Lincoln's Spies

Jean Snyder

Tom & Beth Ann Carroll

A Bookshop in Berlin
Steve Stugan

Scott & Cheryl Sirianni

Lords of the Fly

Stephen Stugan

Jefferson Hills Library Staff

American Moonshot
Janet Van Bibber Pat Hoburg The Giving Tree

Janet Van Bibber

Patsy & Karen Hatzimbes

Bear Goes Sugaring
Thomas Paul Walko Peggy Johnston Beyond Borscht

Elliott Weiss

Walter Gregory

Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers

Gregory Wisenhauer

Jeannie De Armond

A Castle in Wartime

Gregory Wisenhauer

Patsy & Karen Hatzimbes

21 Lessons for the 21st Century
Norma Wright Patsy & Karen Hatzimbes A Garden Miscellany
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Dr. Donald Breneman Carol M. Austin

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Colatrella, Jr.

  Ron and Dianna Dunnington
  Donald and Barbara Griffin
  Elizabeth D. Herzberg
  Mark Johnson
  John McKinney
  Alice G. Klobcar
  Ellie and Joe Rapport
  Eleanor Olsen
  James and JoAnn Hockenberry
  Catherine Duffner
  Dale and Rosemary Fruman
  John and Pamela Palko
  Jim and Kathy Romans
  Flo Pryzbylski
  Anthony Sal Posa
  Helen Robinson
  Jack & Eileen Joyce
  Ed DeMarco
  Henry and Stephany Sciulli & Cayla
  Michael and Karen Kelley
  Annie Lee Pearce
  Gary and Megan Morgan & Family