Memorials  2022


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Katie Abel

The Milas Family

Bailey Barett Chris, Paul, and Clancy Armbruster  
Patricia B. Cadwell William R. Cadwell  
Iva Kay Conjelko Michael Conjelko  
Jacqueline Crawford Monica Stoicovy  
Larry Foulke Ana Alba, Jessica Keister, Mary Wilcop, and Rhonda Wozniak  
Larry Foulke Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Howes  
Mrs. Leland Hubbs Kathie Jo Neidermeyer  
Anthony J. Julian David & Sandra Gribble  
Poppy Levis Dottie & Tom Bernatowicz
David and Goliath by Josh Edwards
Poppy Levis Dottie & Tom Bernatowicz
My Mix & Match Flip Book of Prayers
Poppy Levis Stephen & Janice Gooder
You Kind of Kind by Nina West
Poppy Levis Daniel & Charlotte Levis
The Invisible String by Patrice Karst
Poppy Levis Daniel & Charlotte Levis
Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert  
Poppy Levis Chelsea Levis
Children of the Forest by Matt Myers 
Poppy Levis Chelsea Levis
Chupacabra Ate the Candelabra by Marc Tyler Nobleman 
Poppy Levis Joseph & Kristine Levis
I Will Always Be Proud of You by Michael Wong
Poppy Levis Joseph & Kristine Levis
I Wish You Happiness by Michael Wong 
Poppy Levis Kathleen Levis
Barkus: Dog Dreams by Patricia MacLachlan       
Poppy Levis Christina Sharbaugh
This is the Tree We Planted by Kate McMullan    
Poppy Levis  
Hana's Hundreds of Hijabs by Razeena Omar Gutta
Poppy Levis  
I Am Me: A Book of Authenticity by Susan Verde
Poppy Levis  
Line in the Sand by Thao Lam
Poppy Levis  
Wombat Said Come In by Carmen Agra Deedy
Will Mapel Tom Julian  
Marie Millet Tom Julian  
Dorsey and Constance O'Connell The Orsega Family  
Dick Painter Cathy & Bernie Medved
Do You Know? Trains and Rail Transport by Cecile Benoist
Dick Painter Cathy & Bernie Medved
My Little Golden Book About Trains by Denis R. Shealy
Dr. Richard E. Schwirian Friends from Card Club  
Lisa S. Stewart Ian M. Stewart  
Lisa S. Stewart Timothy A. Stewart  
Lucy Thatcher Letticia & David G. Palmer  
Lucille Toth Tom Julian  
Janet A. Wilson Danielle and Annette Wilson  
Janet A. Wilson Joyce E. Schmidt & Family  
Janet A. Wilson Fu-Tyan Lin & Family  
For PLAQUE in Library:  
Dorothy Evans From FAMILY members

Elizabeth Herzberg

Holly Ferkett James & Helen Akers
  John & Linda Asmonga
  Jeannette (Janny) Baldwin
  Vera & Roger Beidler
  Leslie M. Brockett
  Sandra & Clyde Chittister
  Bonnie Deal
  Ron & Diane Dunnington
  Joanne & Joe Felice and Family
  Gretchen Fuller
  Fred & Arleen Gealey
  Group Against Smog & Pollution, Board of Directors
  Jack Hartman
  Elena Hilf & Family
  Kathy Hummon
  Sue Hutchins
  Dottie, Justin, & Brant Ingersoll
  Janice Johnson
  Sarah Kahler
  Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas K. Long
  Elizabeth Lott
  Myra L. Mann
  Janet Nevling
  Mary P. Nielsen
  Dick & Barbara Nieman
  Kathy & Denny Peterson
  John & Betty Petkovich
  Barbara L. Platz
  Pleasant Hills Library Knitting & Crochet Club
  Pleasant Hills Staff
  Helen & Frank Pomilio
  Sue, Rebecca, and Jim Ralson
  Joel & Carolyn Redfoot
  The Reschenthaler Family
  P. Jerome & Cynthia Richey
  Terry & Eric Riesen
  Rob & Lisa Sagwitz
  The Scholnicoff Family
  Scott & Cheryl Sirianni
  Don & Mary Jane Smoley
Richard & Nancy Starr and Family
John & Sherry Stiver
Judy Sutton
Gerry & George Tessler
Felicia Turano
Tom Turnbull
Library Board & Staff also donated to Pleasant Hills Arboretum
Juliet Ann Krizan Carol J. Dachille
  Diversified Insurance
  Gerard & Karen Pasquerell
  Louise Persichetti
  Suzanne Pryzbyla
  Vicki Raszewski
  Bernice & Mario Rudolph
  Helen Krizan Stratton, Matthew Beakley, Jason Beakley
  Linda Stout, Nicole Stout, Jen Conroy
  Geraldine Stump/James C Stump Jr/James C Stump Funeral Home
  Karen Vaccari
  Ryan Werner
  Rose Marie Wiegel
Ed & Julie Krizan Susan Krizan
Barbara Stoops Susan Buches
  Diana Crowley
Claire Ertl
David & JoAnne Kelch
Linda Moebs
William Stoops
Linda White
Carol H. Williams Susan Bails
  Christine & Brian Beattie
  Margaret Beattie
  Frances Bernard
  Jim & Phyllis Brubaker
  Bill & Nancy Galbraith
  Johns Hopkins Student Health Center
  Bill & Marlene Koshar
  Pediatric Care of Kentucky