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Memorial and honor books are a wonderful way to remember and honor someone special.
MEMORIAL FORMS and HONOR FORMS for these donations
may be printed and submitted to the Library Director.
The forms are also available in the Library.

Please submit the following information to the Library Director:

*The name of the person being remembered/honored*
*The name and address of who should be notified of the donation*
*The name and address of the person/family making the donation*
*If there is a topic suggested for purchase or other requests*

If you would like to pay using a credit card, we accept memorial and honor donations
using PayPal. Please include any pertinent information

in "special instructions to seller" box at the end of your transaction.

A card will be sent to the receiving family/person
and the selected book will have a bookplate in the front cover to acknowledge the gift.

Please note:
*Suggested amounts for donation are $50 for an adult book and $25 for a children's book to cover the cost of the book and processing of the book for circulation.
*Specific titles may be requested; however, if the Library already owns the book, an alternate will be selected.

Information about the Birthday Book Club to honor children's birthdays is available in the Children's Department.